By: Sandra Dias

Students at the Ammerman Campus have one thing on their mind when driving to school; will I find parking? Parking at Suffolk usually is a hassle. Not enough parking spots leads to getting tickets, accidents, and being late to class.
While driving through the Ammerman campus, I noticed that cars are parked on the grass, the sidewalk and in the illegal parking zones. According to the Suffolk Public Safety handbook, parking in these areas can lead to getting fined and even having your car towed. I ran into a friend of mine, Raquel Fonseca, a sophomore here at the Ammerman Campus, as she was looking at her ticket. She was fined 50 dollars for parking on the grass. “I find it kind of ridiculous that I got a ticket because

car parking

the school doesn’t have enough parking spots for everyone”, said Fonseca.
Another student, Sonia Reis, also a sophomore here at the Ammerman Campus, saw someone getting into an accident because people were fighting over parking spots. “I was sitting in my car waiting for my next class when I saw two people fight over a parking spot. The one car was waiting for more than five minutes to get into the spot when another car came out of nowhere and tried to park in the same spot causing the two cars to hit”, said Reis.
Parking is so hard to find that some students leave their house early to find a spot. Even when leaving early, parking spots are still hard to find. I went into the cafeteria and asked 30 students what they thought about the parking lot. Five of them said that parking was fair, ten said that they have their parents drive them to school, three of them ride a motorcycle, eight people said that it take them 30 minutes to find parking, and four of them said that they are usually late to class.
Creating more parking spots can help in many ways. Reducing the amount of tickets, accidents, and tardiness over all.

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