Art Club Returns on Campus

By Jennifer LaPorta
After discovering the Ammerman Campus was lacking an art club, one student decided to take on leadership and create one himself.
Anthony Losito, 19, is currently in his second year at Suffolk. He is an art major and has a very strong passion for art. During his first semester at SCCC, he attended the annual club fair held during common hour on campus. “I stood by the art club table for quite a while, and nobody came” Losito said. It baffled his mind there was a table, yet no one to represent the club there. After researching around campus he soon found out art club was no longer active. Disappointed he went out in hopes of starting his own.
Today art club is no longer a dead club, and Losito is currently president. He has successfully rounded up an estimated number of 15 students to join the club. Their current project involves picking an emotion and expressing that emotion on paper, without words. Losito commented about the club “we started off a bit rocky, but we’re getting there.” Art club meets every Wednesday during common hour in the Southhampton building, in room 110.

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