Gaming on school computers creates debate

By Neal Falcone
Library computers over taken by Student Gamers bothers students at Community college. An issue on the Ammerman and Grant campuses with student using library computers for things other than academic work. It has come to the attention of students and staff at multiple Suffolk Campuses that Library computers dedicated for research, essay writing and other academic related work have been improperly used by students on multiple occasions. This has students talking negatively about other students on campus, this is not a good thing because this causes controversy between students. Disagreement between students and staff is not good for the atmosphere on a college campus, already students are stressed about upcoming work and tests and for computers to not be available when they are desperately needed cause tensions to rise.

While interviewing multiple students on the Ammerman campus I have noticed first hand, students using the computers for leisure while other students wait patiently for an open computer to appear. Joseph, a student who requested to have his last name unpublished gave us his opinion about how not being able to get a computer in the school library interferes with his work schedule. He claims how being a full time student takes up most of his day. He goes to school from 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday and right after school Joseph drives directly to work where he is a waiter until closing time. By the time he gets out of work and makes his way home the public library is already closed. He only has common hour and Saturdays to do all of his work for his classes, which is not even close to enough time. He also spends Sundays working at the restaurant so doing schoolwork that day is out of the question. ” I spend half of common hour waiting for an open computer, by the time I get a computer and set myself up with my work I only have 20 minutes to do my homework, IT’S REDICULOUS!” states Joseph a student at the ammerman campus. He also said the days when he does get a computer in the beginning of common hour students are always talking, which makes it hard to concentrate. Being a full time student with a part time job makes it hard to keep up with your work says a student by the name of Nick Lasker. He has been a student at the Ammerman Campus for 2 semesters and is already tired of seeing students use the computers for leisure and waiting for open computers at the student library. ” I don’t have a computer at my house and the only way to type up my homework and essays is by using the Campus Library and my public library” Says Nick Lasker a freshman at ammerman campus. He states that the only problem with using his public library is that it closes at 9pm and he ends work at 7:30pm, which only gives him an hour to do his work. He is taking 15 credits this semester and keeping up in his classes has been harder than his first semester. “The past two times I was in the library looking to get some work done I saw 2 kids on computers playing online games, this isn’t fair and I feel like someone should do something about this” says Nick. While interviewing him he added that his professors have been piling on work the past couple weeks and its almost impossible to complete the assignments.

Students at the Grant Campus have also had the same problem when it comes to getting a computer in the Library. Nicole winter a freshman at the Grant campus has given her thoughts about the Library. She said that the only time she’s in the library is to print homework and essays because she does not have a printer at home.”I have asked multiple people playing games on the computer if I can plug in my flash drive and print something quick without a single person saying yes” says Nicole Winter a Liberal Arts Major at the Grant Campus, she then said to the students how she would only take a minute she just had to print something and that was it, still she had the same results. Nicole talked about how she only worked in the summer and going to a local library did not interfere with anything after school. She said “The only problem with going to a public library is that I don’t have my license and I would have to wait for my parents or siblings to drive me, plus I am paying all this money for tuition I should be able to use the school computers whenever I want to”. This problem has effected many students and with help from everybody who has been in this situation we can find a way to put a stop to the misuse of school computers.

Having thousands of students at community college reduces the amount of computers available for people to do work when it best for them. It’s even worse when some of the students are not even using them for work but for leisure and play.

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