Dover and Suffolk made an agreement that caused problems for students and professors

By Vincent Figalora

For the fall and spring semester, Dover and our College had made an agreement that leads to problems for both students and professors.
The agreement that was made from both public places was Dover was supposed to provide the food and beverages at the Ammerman and the Grant Campuses. As Dover is providing the food and drinks to the students, the money that’s being payed from Dover, its all going to our College.
Our College is receiving over $270,000 for every semester. “This is ridiculous, if this college is making this amount of money then where is this money going to”. Josh Blake 19, said this quote in an angry mood. This is also beginning to have questions on students that are attending at the college, and this is also leading into problems for students that are commuting to school.
Most students that are commuting are paying over $20 for food and gasoline. Some students are taking the bus and only spending one dollar and 50 cents. For those students that are taking the bus everyday of the week, are paying a lot of money for going there and back.
Our college is part of the Suny system. After you graduate from this school, you will be able to transfer to a Suny school to earn your bachelor’s. Some Suny schools in Long Island and New York state are a two and a four-year school. But when you go to a Suny school that has a four-year degree will give you a lot of benefits that’s very grateful to have. One benefit is that students will be having a meal plan. This meal plan has three categories and they are Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Gold is the best one to have because you will have a lot of points to earn a free meal and beverage in the cafeteria.
“On top of this money, the college takes commissions between 11 percent and 12.5 percent from the total sales of food services. Then, they take 28 percent commission from the many vending machines around campus”. (The College Reporter paragraph 5) said by Pamela Grindson a staff writer on the College Reporter. This quote explains very clearly on how much the percent’s are rising from the vending machines. 28 percent is a big issue on vending machines because including the vending machines is part of Dover; students are still in control on how much money they want to put in the vending machines. These food prices that are inside the vending machines should have a discount because were already paying money for their food in the cafeteria, there’s no need on why we have to spend more money on the vending machines.
Some of the students like the different food varieties that Dover has to offer. But most of them think that they should give out more choices of food. “If Suffolk offered McDonald’s or Wendy’s to our college, than Dover’s food prices would have a huge decrease”. Mr. Chacon an Accounting Major student said this quote by explaining to us that if our college had more foods to choose from, then more students would buy their product. This college would be popular because they would have the top two best fast food restaurants that students and teachers love to eat. Dover will start to realize that they feel sorry for ripping off students on their foods. Now if they put a fast food place in the cafeteria, than more students wouldn’t have to make a complaint about them.
Our college is one of the best college’s for an education. For your brain to earn you a great education, then your brain has to eat the healthy foods to make the mind work for you. Dover supplies all of the healthy foods that your brain would need to become strong and smart. For example, Dover offers an apple at both the Ammerman and the Grant Campus for a reasonable price. At the Ammerman Campus it only costs only two dollars and 50 cents, but at the Grant Campus it only costs two dollars and 25 cents. Both of these prices are very reasonable but most of the students would buy an apple at the Grant Campus because it’s less money to buy and it’s all also a cheap price. A cheap price is great because it won’t be that difficult to complain to the manager about the price that he gave for the product. For students that buy foods with a cheap price are saving a lot of money. Buying products that are very cheap will save you for the next five years.

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  1. phyllis steffek | Reply

    I love your Dover reports.I work for Dover S-H Bld Dover cafe
    One error fresh apple are a $1.00

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