Ammerman Campus Veterans Plaza Polluted by Cigarettes

By Vin Olsen
The Ammerman campus quad is the nicest place to hang out with friends before or after class, you may notice the collecting dirty cigarette butts lying on the ground.
After a couple of minutes of walking around the quad you will see the thousands of dirty cigarette butts laying around the walkway, the piles of them collecting are a sore to the eye and makes the cement walkways look horrible. The quad is one of the nicest spots on campus and it is being tarnished by the hundreds of smokers who throw cigarettes to the side of the walkway when they are done smoking. No one wants to be sitting down waiting for class to start next to a huge pile of cigarettes, it really is disgusting and it would be nice if smokers were to clean up their act and use the ash trays located outside each of the buildings
Many of the students around the campus feel the same way about the thousands of disgusting cigarette butts laying around, sometimes you can literally look at some ones face and see the disgust in their eyes when they look at all the cigarettes outside each door way or throughout the walkways. When walking it is literally impossible to miss stepping on a cigarette but. Lot of students at the Ammerman campus wouldn’t mind this problem being fixed “Its gross that seems to be a problem at a lot of places but especially on this campus.” Said Daniel Sellick from Oakdale New York “When I was in California this problem was not as bad.” This problem may be going on at other places other than just the school but It will be easier to stop on a campus than to do on the streets.
The cigarettes on the walkways aren’t going anywhere they do not get cleaned up after they are thrown onto the ground they stay there for a long time. These cigarettes are just going to continue to keep collecting over time and it is going to get even more disgusting the quad should be a nice clean place for students to hang out and not have to be surrounded by pollution covering the walkways. A student from the Ammerman campus said “I skateboard around the quad all the time when going to classes and you can a even feel your wheels going over the cigarettes on the ground there all over the place, it’s disgusting and something I can really do without.” Says Tom Hengee from Lindenhurst New York. These cigarettes left everywhere is effecting everyone who walks around the campus not just the none smokers. Even as a smoker it is not a nice thing to see cigarettes around every corner of the campus.
Although the school does have ash trays located outside the door of each building there should defiantly be more. Most of the time when students are smoking they are walking throughout the quad and you will not see one ash tray in the middle of the quad. Ash trays in the walk ways connecting each of the buildings where student go to class would clean this campus up a lot. Security officers should enforce this by giving a littering ticket for throwing cigarettes on the ground, smokers should be forced to use the ash trays so this campus can stay clean. Since this campus is a controlled area it should not be too hard to enforce a littering rule against throwing cigarettes onto the ground by security. If students know that they are going to get a ticket if they mindlessly toss their smoke on the ground they will think twice and use an ash tray. As a smoker a fine for any amount of money would make me always make sure to dispose of the cigarette properly. If teachers and security officers enforced smoking in proper areas this problem would shrink.
Cigarettes Around the Ammerman Quad is not a nice sight for anyone, the quad is a place where students should be able to relax and enjoy a beautiful day and not be disgusted by cigarette butts laying around all around them. Even if we can’t stop people from smoking it is still possible to stop this problem. Many things can be done that are not being done that can really make this problem pretty much vanish. It would be great to see this campus be as clean and beautiful as it possibly can with the help of security enforcing rules this can become a reality.

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