Advantages of taking summer classes

By Eddie Valdez

If you have some free time during the summer and feel like you need to fill it with something productive then maybe you might consider taking summer classes.

While the college offers classes during the fall and spring semesters, students also have the option of signing up for classes in the summer. While some might not like to give up any time in their summer to continue taking classes and doing school work one can find many advantages in signing up for them. Some students might sign up for summer classes because they had failed a required course and needed to take it again or if they just want to improve their overall GPA. Taking these classes during the summer term allows one to retake the class in a shorter period of time to try and replace the failing grade while avoiding having to take on a heavy schedule during the fall or spring semester. Another advantage to taking summer classes is the ability to accelerate one’s path to graduation and earn one’s degree in less time than one normally would. “Summer classes helped me get closer to graduation and start transferring to the school I planned to go to” said Kimberly Valdez-Soto, a current student at the college who is scheduled to graduate at the end of this spring semester. Also, with the ever growing population at the college, the fight to get the best classes available during the spring and fall semesters can be a difficult one. Taking these classes during the summer term allows students to sign up without as much competition. While taking summer classes can be advantageous to students at the college, they can also be just as useful to students from other universities who come home for the summer. They have the ability to take classes and earn credits from the college that can transfer over to the college or university they attend.

Now if a student is considering taking summer classes after weighing the advantages and disadvantages, the next concern is about the amount of money needed to pay for taking the classes. “I was thinking of taking summer classes but I am not so sure because I don’t have the money to pay for them” said Jacob Turnil, a student at the college who is currently considering whether or not to take summer classes. Money is a reasonable concern when it comes to college and is always a factor when a student considers the classes they are taking. If one has any financial problems, students have a couple of options available to them in order to lighten the load. As with the fall and spring semesters, eligible students are able to apply for federal financial aid that can help them pay the bill or even completely cover their tuition. Scholarships are also available for students in order to help them pay that can be easily found through a handy scholarship search engine on the college’s website and through booklets that can be found in the Ammerman Building.

So if you find yourself with some extra time during the summer and want to further your education while earning valuable credits towards your degree, consider taking a couple of summer classes. While not every single class that is usually available during the spring and fall semesters are available to take during the summer term, students have a handful of classes that are available and count towards a variety of degrees and programs. If a student has any financial difficulties there are plenty of ways to get the help you need and there are many knowledgeable people who can answer any questions one may have over at the financial aid office in the Ammerman Building. Also, if you is worried that you might lose your whole summer while taking summer classes or if you have any scheduling problems there are three different sessions during the summer course that you can take advantage of to fit your scheduling needs. The summer term is spread over three sessions with a five and eight week session that starts on May 29 and another five week session that starts on July 5. If one is interested in applying for the summer term or has any other questions then head over to the college’s website or visit the Ammerman Building. Summer classes are available at every campus at the college and are available to current students and students who are attending classes at other institutions.

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