2nd Years Prepare To Move On

By Nancy Azcona

           As the Spring semester comes to a halt, several Radio and Television (RTV) students are ready to move on to bigger and greater things.

The RTV students are graduating this upcoming May and are ready to move on with what they have learned. Most of our graduating students will be attending SUNY Oswego in the Fall of 2013. Others will be attending Brooklyn College. “I always planned to get my bachelors degree, but the program gave me more skills and confidence so I guess you can say it made my desire stronger” said Elissa Wallen, sophomore at Ammerman, when asked how the RTV program prepared her to move on. Students like Eric Ortiz will begin their first year ever away from home. “I’m just excited to start their program up there. It’s a new experience you know. It’s exciting.” Eric Ortiz, sophomore at Ammerman, exclaims about going to Oswego.

The RTV program has a joint admission program with each college. This gives a chance to each student when applying to Oswego or Brooklyn. Students can take all their liberal arts courses and classes that are required for those colleges here as well. This helps these graduating students with multiple aspects of transferring to another college. One of these aspects being money, credits are not cheap, even for a community college. A summer internship course from the RTV program is four credits and costs around 800 dollars. So students are able to save tons of money by talking courses here first, then having them all transfer to one of the two schools. “The reason I didn’t go to the other college I was accepted into was because they cost about 20 grand a year. I don’t know about you but I just don’t have the money to do that. Not even with scholarships. Suffolk is not the greatest but I am getting an education, which is what matters” Mary Hughes, freshmen at Ammerman, said. So with that being the case, people come here to get their start. As Hughes and many others say, Suffolk may not be the best, but it is a great way to start if you don’t have the money to spend; and the people that are in the RTV program say you get your bang for your buck.


The RTV program includes film classes, but focuses more on TV production. Al Bernstein, main professor of the RTV program, has been helping and training these students for the past two years, and they feel that everything they have learned will benefit them in the future. While your two years here you take several film/video editing classes, two TV production classes, radio production, and your choice of an internship class or advanced radio class. With this program you are able to gain connections with Al Bernstein that can lead to jobs and internships. Bernstein is connected with several programs, some of them being MSG Varsity, Cable Vision, and NBC. Many students feel that their future is secure due to what they have experienced. “So far with the internship I just got and the friends that I have made so far (alumni of the program) already doing well makes me very optimistic about my future. I have so much more confidence now than I ever had before. Hands on and being thrown into the lions is the best experience” Jessica Elena Chavarria, sophomore at Ammerman, shared. 

The fantastic thing about this program is that many students go in with the mindset of making movies. What they don’t realize is that there is a broader spectrum of jobs available to them. A student realized this through out his time here “It got me exposed to new types of jobs I didn’t know about in the industry that I would love to be” Anthony Varone, sophomore at Ammerman, said. The jobs that they are introduced to in this program are floor manager, assistant director, technical director, and graphics; graphics being one of the biggest growing jobs in this industry. Now that these graduating students start the “beginning to their end” they are confident to succeed and to be the best out of everyone they meet. “I’m more than ready to move on and tackle the next two years possibly four actually” Chavarria said. Wallen was also ready to take this challenge “Yes! No question about it. Confidence is through the roof!”.

Everyone in the RTV program are excited to see where this road takes these graduates, and excited for them selves as they see their time to graduate slowly approaching.

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