Clock Tower Dominates Veterans’ Plaza

By Amanda Little
The clock tower of Veterans Plaza has been standing for seven yearsget-attachment, and yet nobody seems to know anything about it. Even with its large size, it seems to be overlooked by most. Still, when freshmen walk onto campus, it is almost the first thing they see.
“Any good design needs that “money shot” to be successful, and the clock tower does that for the College” said  Edward Benz,director of  plant operations.

With such an impressive structure seen on the first entry of the college, it gives a feeling of higher education and success. However, until spring forward, the clock faces all held different times. The clock drives on all four faces have been replaced over the years, and that spring forward was an opportunity to fix all of the faces and sync them together, Benz said.
Not only does the clock offer the time, it chimes as well. “The Babylon Student Center staff handles any programming of the clock chimes.” said Benz.
However, none of the staff of the Student Center knew anything about the tower, even when it was put up or who maintains it.
Though one secretary did say offhand that, perhaps, the tower remains silent because the library where so many are studying is so close, and it would disturb them.
Still, if nobody in the staff knew how to set the tower, it most likely hasn’t chimed before, so we really wouldn’t know if it is loud to the point of distraction to the students in the library.
The tower stands to represent higher education, success for the students and a grand campus.

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