Chaos and Anger Grow in Huntington Building

By Daniel Dias

Student grows angrier as she walks around the library to try and get a place to get some work done for class as she sees kids sitting on laptops scrolling on Facebook and Twitter.

18-year-old Raquel Fonseca is a freshman at the Ammerman Campus and is trying to maintain her 4.0 GPA, doing that by going to the library as often as she can to get her work and studying done. “There are some days where i will walk in and the place will be empty,” Fonseca said. “Then, other days the place is completely packed out, and the sad part is half the kids aren’t even doing work. They’re just sitting on Facebook and Twitter when you come to school to get an education, not sitting around doing nothing.”

The next day came around, and Fonseca and I decided to meet up again to see how many students would be doing work on computers or in cubicles and how many wouldn’t be doing their work. We went at an earlier time and noticed that there weren’t as many students and figured because of the timing, so we waited till noon came around to investigate. Time went on and more kids came to the library. We grabbed a cubicle while we could and started doing our work. Not even 15 minutes went by and the person in the cubicle next to us was blasting a video from his laptop and was really distracting us. Fonseca went to the person and asked if they could lower the volume or put headphones on or something as we could do work and without a problem, he did. A friend of the student met up with him and decided to be really rude and really loud and forget that we were doing work and where they were. We went and got a librarian to tell her about the loudness they were causing, but it didn’t seem to do much because they continued with their dis-respectfulness. I then decided to take initiative and went and asked to tell this kid to be quiet one more time, and then thought it would be a good idea to interview this student. He didn’t feel comfortable giving his name since I do not know this kid.


“The quietness scares me because it makes me realize that i should be working and making something of the time i am here,” said the student. “All of the school work just scares me though because I am afraid of growing up and am just too lazy to do it.”

“Coming to the library is always an adventure,” said Chris Rodrigues, who is a sophomore here at the Ammerman Campus and also a friend of Fonseca that we met the next day in the library. “You never know what you’re going to expect here. If you’re going to be able to get a computer, or actually get your work done or even be able to pay attention because of the kids be obnoxiously loud at the next table over, which that alone is an accomplishment already.” Rodrigues is almost done with his final semester here at the Ammerman Campus and has never been more excited because it means he won’t have to deal with the disrupting, arrogant students that go hetwitterre.

I also decided to investigate more about this topic myself and surveyed 30 different students in the library to see how many people use the library for academic purposes or just to hang out when they know they should be getting their work done. Of those 30 students, 16 of them said they actually get their work done when in the library and can’t afford to waste time. Those other 14 students, they said they try to use it for academic purposes but half the time they are there they cannot get any work done because they’re too distracted by Facebook and Twitter.

Some students don’t know how to behave in a library, especially being in college, whether it’s a public one or not. Why go to a library if you’re just going to sit there doing nothing and not being respectful towards students actually trying to get their work done?

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