Are college athletics helping or hurting?

By Andrew Donofrio

Every athlete knows that playing a sport is demanding physically and mentally. It takes commitment and hard work to succeed in the sport. Sacrifices are necessary when playing sports, but to what degree can a student athlete sacrifice? Most students are also working part time jobs. It is also said that for every hour of class students should study at least two hours out side of class, this meaning if you are taking 12 credits which is recognized by the college as being a full time student you should be studying 24 hours each week. Add that to the 8 hours of work, and then throw in sport practices and games then sleep as well, where do you sacrifice? Or do you have to sacrifice at all?

When asked the question how do you feel college and high school athletics affected your school work, student athletes had surprising answers.

“It decreased my grades somewhat with traveling every weekend, playing on two teams I played everyday but it also made me not slack off and get it done as well” Said Lou Seda hockey player at the college.

This now raises the question do sports teach discipline. When asked the same question the same response seemed to arise.

“It made it a little difficult at times, but it also made me want to try harder and be better just like the sport,” said David Cahn hockey player at the school. It seems as though the hard work and dedication of athletics teaches a positive message in that no matter what you do, school, work, or sports you must work your hardest to achieve success.

“Athletics taught me dedication, which helps with my school work” said Jake Costello, a high school athlete .

It appears that student athletes don’t sacrifice, they just work harder at achieving success. It’s not that athletics hurt school work but in a way increase athletes’ education. Even if the grades take a slight drop these athletes are taught that you are not going to be handed things in life, you need to go out and work your hardest.

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful” was said by Eric Thomas. This is one thing that students athletes seem to grasp pretty well. The hard work on the field, court, ice is needed in the classroom and most important in life.

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