The Harlem Shake takes place on campus

By Brianne Colon

The Harlem Shake has been a trending video within the past few months. Seen on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube teenagers have created a video to the song Harlem Shake by dj Baauer. This video is only about 30 seconds long. The video typically consists of one person dancing with a helmet on for a few the intro of the song while everyone in their surroundings seem to go on with their typical day. When the chorus of the song comes on everyone starts to dance. Teenagers around the world have created their own versions of the Harlem Shake and the idea spread quickly. Suffolk County Community College student Miles Graves decided to gather fellow students and create a “SCCC Harlem Shake”. He used Twitter and Facebook to spread the word of the event that would be recorded in from of the Riverhead Building on campus. Students were told to meet at the clock tower at 11am. “Students showed up with all different costumes and accessories that added a lot of uniqueness to the video” said Michelle Rueb, liberal arts major. The riverhead building is where all of the media and video classes are held. The students who had recorded and edited the video take classes in the basement of the riverhead building. The students would have done the video in one of the classrooms but they were unsure of how many students would actually attend. With a possibility of a big outcome the students decided right outside the Riverhead building would be the best place to have the video take place. The riverhead building has the biggest variety of classes being taught in comparison to the other buildings. In the Riverhead you may have classes for technology, business, languages, mathematics or more. The building is never empty; it is always filled with people. “Riverhead was a perfect spot for the video because there are so many students around it that if they didn’t hear of the event they were still able to participate, just by being in the right place at the right time” said biology major Nicole Calvagna.Despite the cold weather as soon as the time became 11 o’clock am the veteran’s plaza began to fill with students, many of them actually leaving in the middle of class to join the video. The video did not begin until a little after eleven giving students time to get to the event. As more students began to show up, Miles Graves began to explain to everyone how the video was going to work. Located in front of the Riverhead building he had a camera set up on a Tripod. Instead of having to hold the camera himself he chose to do this so he could be a part of the video himself. Not only was he responsible for the recording of the video but he set up the music and was also the main dancer in the beginning of this video. “Although I took care of everything technical and all the planning this video could have not been possible without my fellow students at SCCC” said media arts major Miles Graves. The video was done within the hour and the students continued with their classes. All of the editing and finishes of the video were done in the media class rooms in the Riverhead Building. Not much editing had to be done to the video, just some sound changes, cutting and credits. The video was uploaded on to later that day. As soon as it was posted students began to share the video via Facebook and Twitter. The video now has over 17,000 views. You can find the video yourself by visiting and searching Harlem Shake (SCCC edition). The Riverhead Building was an ideal location for this event giving it the pleasing turn out that it had.

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