Writing Lab Is Useful To Only Some

By Douglas Towers

Being able to manipulate language and express your ideas can come easy for some, but for the people who cannot catalog there feelings into words it can be very frustrating to be sitting in front of a blank screen with an assignment due in a few hours. Out of the few writing labs that are on the Ammerman Campus only a handful of students go to use the computers and learn basic writing tools from the people in the lab, “Well I don’t have much to say. Personally I’ve never used the writing lab to do anything but print, and I’m in my fourth semester here. In my opinion it’s a waste of space. “Sunny Ferrara, Second Year Liberal Arts Major at Ammerman. Many students feel the writing labs purpose superfluous and the fact that they are paying for it to be maddening, they feel that the only reason for the writing labs being here is for the pure fact of printing out papers if all the computers in the library are taken. They want to use the money for a more productive reason like supporting causes or clubs, or to cheapen the price of tuition for students. But for students who use the lab for the reason it was designed, to learn to write in a way that will portray your ideas correctly, it can make the difference from getting a good grade in class and eventually graduating or not. “I find the writing lab to be extremely helpful. Without the helping hand of those lovely people I would not have past my English 102 class last semester! “Kyle Remhild, Second Year Liberal Arts Major at Ammerman. For those people who use the lab to correct there writing it can affect the rest of their lives by learning the basic tools of depicting and manipulating the English language, tools that they may otherwise never learn if there were no writing labs to go to.

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  1. journalisminternship | Reply

    We have a writing lab? SO INFORMATIVE!

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