Not-So-Quiet Library Angers Students

By Nick Delicati

The library is one of the worst places to go to get work done at the Ammerman campus many students rage.
The library is a place designated for students who seek a quite area to perform some school work and to study. The library at the Ammerman campus however is reported to be the exact opposite of that.
With a very large student body on campus, and many students with long breaks in between campus, there are limited areas where students can hangout at. Due to these limitations, the library has taken the role of a playground many claim.
“It’s almost impossible to actually focus on anything with all the screaming and playing around, never mind study for a test,” said James Frost, 19, a liberal arts student of two semesters.
The library here at the Ammerman campus is divided into areas, some of which are labeled quite areas. “Those signs may say quite area, but some people clearly don’t get the message,” said Frost. With reactions like this from many students, a reevaluation of the library may be in order.
Many students also claim that they work and participate in other activities such as sports after school which does not give them the necessary amount of time they need to study and do homework. These are all tasks that create many challenges to work around, is the lack of study time in the library contributing the hardships?
With complaints rolling in everyday over the noise level, not everybody has the same complaints. The noisier crowd does appear to stick together and stay to one side. “I do my homework at home so I can hangout with my friends during break and there’s nowhere else to go,” said Katie Kavanough, 19, a liberal arts major of two semesters.
With common hour on Wednesdays, and common breaks around lunch time, the facilities usually become crowded rapidly. With limited space for students to go, many seek shelter inside the cafeteria and the library, especially during the cold winter months. With crowds such as these, noise is expected to follow.
Many librarians also see this noise level to be a problem, and often walk around asking students to speak in a hush tone. They also send campus safety in the library to put a stop to any unnecessary activity or noise levels, but not every student sees these efforts to be enough.
Many students also complain about the lack of seating and tables. This is due to larger groups taking them and moving them around to form a big table. These do not get put back in their proper places until the end of the day.
Both the librarians and the security agree that changes need to be made within the library but no changes have been made yet. Some suggestions that are going around the school are supervisors and set furniture positions. This can help prevent unnecessary activities and keep the groups to a smaller size. Most students do not have high hopes for these changes any time soon.

2 responses

  1. I agree I have only been there about 5 times and if I want to have some peace and quiet while studying I have to rent out a room.

  2. The information and sources were both good in this article. Plenty of faculty and student feedback is important for a piece like this.

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