Bookstore Jacks Up Prices

By Dan LaPolla

The Bookstore at the Ammerman campus has a bad reputation for being way overpriced.

The bookstore is a place that just about every student has to return to multiple times during each semester. Located in the lower level of the Babylon Student Center, the store displays an array of supplies that could help any student stay more organized and on top of their assignments. From books and writing utensils of all kinds to even sweatshirts, the bookstore has just about everything that a typical college student would need, except for reasonable and affordable prices.

The dreaded trip to the bookstore at the beginning of every semester can always guarantee long, slow lines and dozens of people frowning at the cash registers. Many students have complained of high prices on all items and a lack of books that can be sold back to the college after purchase. Most classes require one or occasionally multiple textbooks, leaving the average student feeling frustrated and annoyed at how much money they are spending on their books. “I’m spending hundreds of dollars, and I only had to open each of my books a few times each semester so far! I didn’t even need them to pass my classes” Jacqueline Carlson said, an unhappy customer and liberal arts major at the college. The majority of the students at the Ammerman campus would agree that the average “Required Text” for some classes should not be required, especially at the price that the bookstore will try to sell it at. Not only is the book store notorious for being the most expensive way to purchase textbooks, it is also not the most organized system. Many students have made complaints that the bookstore will tell students it has a particular book in stock, and after waiting on line for sometimes over an hour just to hear that the book is now on backorder. That puts the student in a difficult situation. Sometimes assignments are given out that can only be completed with the text, and that can be very difficult to manage if the school’s own bookstore does not have enough supplies for the students of the college.
The majority of students who attend classes at the Ammerman campus are hardworking young adults, including many students who have to work part time jobs on top of going to classes. “I work whenever I’m not in class, and I still can’t afford all of the books I’m supposed to get” Carlson added. It’s clear that the bookstore of the ammerman campus is way too overpriced, and students have resorted to purchasing books elsewhere.

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  1. journalisminternship | Reply

    Nice story, the prices of textbooks is definitely a huge problem especially when the textbooks are made specifically for our college. It gets very frustrating as it stops students from being able to go online and try to find a better deal than the overpriced version at the bookstore.

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