Tartuffe to be presented on Ammerman Campus

By Glen Conway

Ammerman Campus theatre students will put on quite the show on campus.

Mid April the production Tartuffe will be presented in Shea Theater by the theater department. The show will open on April 18 and run through April 28. The show itself is free to the students. Each student can obtain one free ticket from the Box Office located in the Islip Arts building with their student ID. Otherwise it is $12 for the general public and $11 for students, children and seniors.

Tartuffe is a French play considered to be a classic. It has many variations in how it can be produced. But in all productions Tartuffe means “imposter” in French. This knowledge gives the viewer a little insight into the play. “He goes into a house and pretends to be someone he is not and turns the house upside down” said Danny Bua, a sophomore cast member and productions major and a lead in the play. “Not supposed to tell about the play as its supposed to be a surprise to the public” Danny further commented.

However after speaking to various cast members some information about the play was exposed. For example it is written in rhyming couplets which have proven difficult for the cast to master. “It’s been a challenge to not speak it as a rhyming poem but instead as a flowing text” said Bua. It is a typical play in that it has two acts with one intermission. The play has a flowing plot meant to keep you entertained. “This is gonna be the most different but interesting version of the play that anyone will see” commented Bua. As he further explained how the hard they are working on the play and how exciting and wonderful he believes it will be.

Yet not all the cast is in agreement on the joys of the play. “It has been a difficult task to work with the director” said an anonymous minor cast member. She further went to tell me “The smaller show had more book time than the longer show” meaning that there was more stage practice with the script in the smaller production than the larger one. She also complained that rehearsal is from six to ten and the cast has been getting out as early as eight. But she did admit that it is infrequent this happens. But when confronting Bua with this information he exclaimed “It has been a demanding schedule to adhere to but not impossible. Practice makes perfect”. Further saying while it was difficult at first the play is coming together nicely. When asked about the director he Bua said he liked the director and saw no problems with what he was doing.

For the most part, the cast is very excited and looking forward to putting on a spectacular show. “We look forward to seeing everyone there” said Bua happily.

Additional information on ticket prices and availability the phone number to the box office is 631-451-4163.

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  1. journalisminternship | Reply

    im really looking forward to this play, i actaully know one of the actors in it too.

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