Students exposed to offensive material

By Eddie Valdez

A normal day of class at the Ammerman Campus was interrupted last month when a computer projector was turned on and all that was seen are pornographic images.

This act was committed on Monday, March 4th, during a normal creative writing class when professor Thomas Caulfield had to leave his creative writing class for a short period of time in order to report the incident to the proper authorities. Setting up for a normal day of class, professor Caulfield and his class of about 26 were exposed to a couple of pornographic images displayed on the computer projector once it was started. Some laughed while others sat quietly as professor Caulfield left his class in order to file a report with the campus security who later arrived at the lecture room in the Islip Arts Building in order to inspect the computer and take the hard drive. “I am appalled that students had to be exposed to this material” said professor Caulfield as he explained his fear of the possibility of these sorts of images being exposed to students who might have some sort of trauma they might have faced in the past that could possibly resurface.

While this sort of incident may not happen quite often, there are still some that are quite similar that happen all throughout the campus. One such example is the profanity and offensive drawings on the desks in classrooms as well in the stalls of the bathrooms. Much of these writings and drawings end up staying on the desks and walls for years without anyone trying to deal with them. While most people do not think twice about these writings and drawings they do often contain offensive material and can also be distracting.

Considering the fact that this incident involved images on a computer, it calls into question how the culprit was able to get into the classroom in order to put the images onto the computer. The classrooms on campus are usually unlocked when they are not being used so it seems unlikely that someone could get into a classroom when there is not a class in session. Does this mean that it is a student who manages to stay behind in a classroom when everyone leaves, someone who has access to keys for the classrooms or just someone lucky enough to find a room with an unlocked door?

At the moment there does not seem to be anyone identified as a suspect or whether if it is a group of people who are responsible or one person acting alone. Also, while there was an official report filed there does not seem to be any further investigation being done on this particular incident. There also has not been any word from anyone in administration to the class affected by the incident such as having someone talk to the class and offer apologies over the students having been exposed to the images. Now while classes go on as normal hopefully no other students will be exposed to these types of images.

2 responses

  1. journalisminternship | Reply

    If I was in your class I would dropped this class after the first day because this is disgraceful on showing pictures that are inappropiate to show to college students.

  2. journalisminternship | Reply

    I find this article very informative. It would be interesting if you could do a follow up and see if any information on the culprit has surfaced.

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