Student Life on the Ammerman Quad

By, Vincent Olsen

If you are looking for a place to meet some new people, hang out with friends or just relax the Quad at the Ammereman campus is the spot to be with numerous activitys going on through out the day.
At the Ammerman college campus the spot where most of the interaction among student occurs is what we call the Quad. Located in the middle of campus students are crossing through between classes all throughout the day, it is the spot to meet up with friends and hang out before class or to have some fun and participate in some of the activities students get going through out the day. The quad at the Ammerman campus is a favorite spot for students to hang out.
When walking through the quad you can see students doing all types of things to pass time in-between classes, students even get football games going to the point where they are tackling each other getting covered in mud and then going to class. I couldn’t imagine why students would want to get covered in dirt before a class they had to sit through for over an hour, “A lot of people give me weird looks because my pants a covered in mud and stuff but i don’t care playing in-between class makes the day go by faster” said David Haun who participates in the games . Football isn’t the only sport that takes place on the quad but you will also have to avoid getting hit in the head by an out of control Frisbee that will come flying across the walk ways. Another hazard would be an out of control skateboarder that can crash into you. A conversion I had with a fellow student who rides skateboards around campus told me “A friend of mine and me were skating into the parking lot and my friend actually hit a car and dented it pretty bad, the driver was pissed”,Sean Conway from Bay Shore stated
During the day the quad is packed and is probably the favorite place for students to just sit down and relax by reading a book on one of the benches or just to meet up with friends and just chat. During the spring months especially, there are students all over the quad and it can get loud with everyone talking and even radios playing that people have brought from home. During the day the quad is a place that sends off real college vibes.    The quad has many different things going on during the lunch time hours just hang in out walking around can be very entertaining with all of the different things going on. Often times there are students playing instruments such as the guitar. There is even sometime a band on stage performing music for a couple hours of the day during some events. There is a very wide variety of activities going on through out the Ammerman campus quad, it is not only students passing through to get to each building.
The quad during the day is one thing with hundreds of students doing all different things but when it comes to the quad during the hours of night classes it becomes a lot more peaceful. There are a lot less students who attend night classes at the Ammerman campus, all of the buildings will be filled with students but the quad is very quiet and empty.
The Suffolk county community college quad is full of college activities and fun things to do to pass the time whether it be playing football, skating around or even just talking to friends. The quad is a place all students that attend Suffolk County community college can find something fun to do to pass time.

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