RTV Alumns Are In Top Positions

By Nancy Azcona

The entertainment industry is full of people with education from prestige schools such as NYU and Columbia, but little dues the world know that some of the programs we see on TV are run by some of our best RTV alumni.

Radio and Television is a program that many people do not know about. In fact, majority of our students don’t even have a clue that we have a full running television/radio studio in the basement of the Riverhead building, but for those in the program it’s not a surprise how unknown this area is to other students.

Even for being a community college, the RTV program is a very selective group of students who must show passion and dedication to their work. “This isn’t meant for everybody, if you don’t show me that you have what it takes to make it when you get out of here in 2 years, then I’ll try to redirect you to a different major” Al Bernstein, a professor of the RTV program, said. Bernstein has worked on the last four Olympics, the Breeders Cup, and other TV programs. In other words he’s known to make students take a year off and comeback and show him that they’re ready. Sounds harsh, doesn’t it? One would think that, but not to the people it’s happened to. “I hated him at first, I mean who wouldn’t, you basically spent a semester on a class that you have to re-do; but this was something I’ve wanted to do for so long. So I came back and re-took his class, and passed. Al just gives you the push you need, the rest is up to you” Drew Castro, alumni of the RTV program, responded when he was asked on how he felt when he was told to come back a year later.

The students in this program are determined young people who know that to make it in this industry you have to be multi-skilled and be an extremely hard worker. Here at college the RTV program is just the stepping blocks to your career. The RTV program has joint admissions with SUNY Oswego and Brooklyn College, both that have great TV programs. Students have gone on to be producers of shows such as Cops, WTOP, and camera-men/woman for news stations and MSG Varsity. These students have also varied from starting college at 18 all the way starting college at 42. It just shows that this industry doesn’t discriminate on your age, if you know you technology you will make it far.

So as the students believe that this college may be the worst thing invented, think about that the next time you see a television program; you might just be watching something made by an alumni.

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  1. journalisminternship | Reply

    This article is very interesting because it talks about a field that has very little spoken about on campus. It shows how this degree can be used and how people have found success with it.

    Glen Conway

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