Parking tickets raise questions

By Sarah Casey-Auld
Many students that attend the Ammerman campus can resonate with the unpleasant surprise of a ticket awaiting them after a class. The destination of the money that students pay for parking violation tickets is unknown.
Students complain about the parking situation at Ammerman, “If there is no parking in the closer lots I’m late for class” said Grant Sawyer, a freshmen at Suffolk. This situation puts students in an awkward position, should there be no parking spaces available closer to the campus they are forced to either attend class late or park in a violating zone. Parking in violated areas occurs frequently, approximately “Five-hundred tickets given out since January ” according to Captain Tracy from the Public Safeties office. Tracy went on to explain that the median cost per ticket is $100 to $125 dollars. Calculating the rough estimate it leaves Suffolk so far with around $57,500 unaccounted for dollars. Furthermore Tracy expects the number of tickets given out to at least double by the end of the Spring 2013 semester.    It is apparent that this money is not used to ease the parking tension on campus. The questions are here, it is a matter of the answers that have gone unaccounted for, along with the large sum of money. When pressured with financial questions regarding where the ticket money is funded to neither the Central business, Public safety booth, nor the Cashiers office would care to comment. The Public safeties building officers refused to even touch on the subject, “I don’t like to talk about it, go speak to someone else” stated an anonymous male. The employees of Suffolk would not give their name for fear that their higher authority would penalize them. While in search for the answers the Cashiers office came up twice, when seaked out for information the first time the woman at the Cashiers desk seemed to touch on the subject as a light manner. When the question of finances arose the woman demanded to know what teacher had assigned the paper on parking tickets. She was baffled when the response wasn’t the one she was looking for. After a journey of following the word of where the money is, the Cashiers office popped up again. The second time the office was visited was not as pleasant as the first. The two women manning the station refused to comment any further questions, they got quite frustrated after they had presumptuously assumed the conversation was over, when it was clearly not. “I don’t know, all I know is that my director told me I couldn’t speak about it” stated one of the two angry anonymous women in the Cashiers office. The only office that shed some light into the unknown trail of ticket money was the Public Safeties office, and even there the worry of speaking about the subject was immense. “Are you writing for the Compass? Because if you are I can’t speak to you” stated Tracy. Although Tracy had some quality answers he could not answer them all, apparently no one else could either.    The fear of speaking about the trail of money hasn’t gone unnoticed, it only further pushes the skeptical thoughts as to where the money is going. Where the money goes is an infamous question at Suffolk, an even better one is who has the answers.

3 responses

  1. journalisminternship | Reply

    i hope you follow up on this!!! good story

  2. journalisminternship | Reply

    I think it is terrible that nobody will talk to a student reporter

  3. journalisminternship | Reply

    Good story, it’s a little ridiculous the fees they collect for parking in unmarked spots when there isn’t enough parking to begin with.

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