Dover’s food prices cause problems for college students

By Vincent Figalora

College students that are attending at the College are paying over two thousands dollars on tuition for the spring and fall semesters. But what about their special needs like food for example.
At the Ammerman Campus in Selden New York, there are a lot of students and Faculty members that are spending a lot of money on food. Dover is a company that runs the cafeteria in the Babylon Student Center. Their food prices are expensive. For example, two eggs and one bacon is four dollars, chicken tenders with French fries are five dollars and seventy-five cents, and drinks are two dollars. These prices are very expensive because not all students that go to this College have a house to live in, most students that are between seventeen to twenty are still living with their parents, and students that are over twenty years old are living on their own. Especially to those that don’t have a home and are living on their own because some of these people have only money where they can afford it on getting an education. A lot of students aren’t too happy of these food prices.
Gary Chacon an Accounting major student said” With more varieties of food being offered in the cafeteria, than more people will pay their food for the original price”. Gary is explaining here that if Dover had more different kinds of food in the cafeteria, than more people would buy their products. For example Nassau Community College offers Wendy’s in their cafeteria with foods that are less expensive. But as for the food prices Chacon said, ” I can get the same thing at my local diner or deli for a lower price”. With more food Dover can also lower their food prices because if they did lowered their food prices than they would have a lot more customers buying their food.
Dover also owns another cafeteria at the Grant Campus. The difference between the Ammerman Campus and the Grant Campus is that they have the same types of food but with a lower price. For example, a pepperoni pie in Selden costs only nineteen dollars. But at the Brentwood Campus their pepperoni pie only costs fourteen dollars. That’s a huge difference because more students would want to spend on their food product for a lower price. It also gives them an advantage on using their money wisely by making a right decision that will save them a lot of money.
Josh Wallner a liberal arts major said, “I’ll give you one thing their food prices are expensive, but I’ll also tell you that the college and Dover should give out a survey to the college students on what types of foods that they would want to enjoy eating”. Josh gave them a great idea because with this survey they will be able to buy the right amount of food. They will also be able to find the right food prices to sell at the college.
With better food varieties and a survey given out to the college students, than the Ammerman, Grant, and Riverhead will have a lot of more students joining in the upcoming fall semester. Food is something we need everyday in order to survive. Maybe next semester, the College will have a lot of foods that are cheap to purchase.

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  1. It’s wrong to force students to purchase a meal plan. Which is what sccc is doing. Adding $100 to every students bill. Not all students will want to purchase the processed food that is being offered. If this isn’t illegal it should be.

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