Children Learning Centers available to students on campus

By Alana West

Many single parents often find it hard to balance school and taking care of their child/finding outside help. The Ammerman and Grant Campuses have Children Learning Centers.

“We are NAEYC Accredited using NAEYC standards to promote quality programs for young children,” Kathy DiVenti, Administrative Assistant at the Children’s Learning Center on the Grant Campus, said. With their main focus on the development and learning of young children the teachers at the day care have weekly curriculum’s that are followed in each class.

The ages of the children that attend the day care are between six weeks and five years old. Because of the big age range each room follows age appropriate practices for their age group. Diventi said the teachers have themes they follow each week and use the Creative Curriculum. Incorporated in their lesson plans are circle time, books, art projects and creative art, music and movement, fine motor skills, large motor skills, science and math concepts, letters colors and shapes, as well as vocabulary words.

Lead Teachers oversee the entire classroom. Also included are Assistant teachers, five work study students, who help assist in the office, and kitchen staff who work under the teachers’ supervision. As well, there are three student teachers from the campus education department who come in once a week and are supervised by the lead teacher. All the teachers have their degrees in Early Childhood Education and many years of experience. All staff must take 30 hours of training every two years to stay updated with the latest information.

On a typical day the day care has between 25 – 30 kids. The kids are split up based on age and put into three different groups, which are Infants, Toddlers, and Pre-K. For the infant group there are usually around eight children per day and three staff members. For the Toddler group there are usually eight children and three staff members as well. For the Pre-K they can have up to 18 children with three or more staff members working. Diventi said they usually have more adults then required by licensing. “The staff is great and I love how dependable they are” Mizrah Medina, a student and mother whose son attends the day care, said.

The day care hours are scheduled based on when classes are in session. For the Spring and Fall the hours are 7:30-4:00 and 7:30-1:30 Monday-Thursday the first five weeks of summer session. Students have a reduced rate. For infants and toddlers it is $7.10 an hour and Pre-K is $6.60 an hour. To have your child enrolled they must take a nine hour a week schedule. Medina said she feels as if the day care is a little pricey, however, she thinks it is worth it because she can tell her son is developing well and is happy.

To sign a child up you must go into one of the locations. The director Vickie Calderon or an assistant must look over your schedule to make sure there is room in the class and then the parent is able to fill out an application. There is also a $45.00 registration fee.

The college offering such a well established day care will not only help educate these young kids, but it also helps sustain a stable place for a parent to drop off their child while they continue to further their education.

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