Ammerman campus parking issues grow worse

By Chris Burack

Have you ever been late to a class on account of trying to find a parking spot at Suffolk County Community College? If so you’re not alone in this ongoing battle, parking conditions at Suny Suffolk’s Ammerman campus have been getting gradually worse as time goes on. With a large increase in students attending Suffolks Ammerman campus one would believe the school would make appropriate changes to help accommodate students parking needs, this is not the case. It is unfair that showing up to class after trying to find a parking spot for your vehicle for over twenty minutes earns you a late, which in many cases counts as a half an absence and two absences are grounds for failure. The tickets given at Suffolk have raised substantially this past year with tickets starting around thirty dollars going to around fifty dollars from last year’s ten dollar tickets, It is unfair making students pay these tickets just because they had to park in an undesignated spot just so they make it to class on time and not be given a late. “I have to drive around for at least fifteen minutes to find a spot and when I do people are parked on the lines and the parking spots are already narrow enough.” Said Scott Tropeano a Liberal Arts student at the Ammerman campus. The parking situation went from bad to worse last month following the blizzard known as Nemo the extreme amounts of snow on campus where pushed into parking spots cutting the number of available parking spots in half for weeks, not to mention the immense flooding and large puddles after the snow melted making many spots unusable. “Finding Parking at Suny Suffolk is always an issue, there’s so much space to add new parking spots I don’t get why they don’t, they should really take the money that comes from parking tickets and build a parking structure in lot 4 it would make that parking lot at lease triple its spots” said a liberal arts Student who would like to remain anonymous . The parking isn’t the only problem in regards to the roads and parking lots of Suny Suffolk, the exiting traffic is absurd no matter what way you leave out of you will be stuck behind a long line of cars trying to exit the campus there should be more ways to acess the college other then the three as of now. The college can make its students lives alot easier through a few small changes, like the students quote stated earlier a parking garage would be a smart path to take. A parking structure can offer more parking in the amount of space they already have, this would also make room for new buildings, courtyards and sports fields as the Suny Suffolk Ammerman campus is constantly growing in the number of full time and part time students who attend and frequent the campus .

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