Students Wanted For Political Positions

By Ally Lashley

Student Government Association [SGA] discussed new ideas on how to recruit students at the Feb. 26, 2013, SGA meeting in the Babylon Student Center.

 “We want more people to be involved in the SGA and all positions are vacant,” Senator Lauren Belzer said.

President Brian Moloche was the first to get the attention of students to join the SGA. Each member of SGA proposed an idea on how to interest students in becoming a part of the SGA. However, the most favored ideas were a Harlem Shake video and an Easter Egg Hunt.

President Moloche believed a Harlem Shake video would be a great way to expose the SGA to students in order to get them involved.  However opposite opinions were expressed by other board members; Sen. Robert Grisafi was disinterested by the idea of the Harlem shake video.

 After a board vote, 5-4 decided against the Harlem Shake video.

Sen. Matthew Ryerson proposed the final new event to be considered for the SGA to discuss; An Easter egg hunt throughout the campus during the coming weeks of March and April.

“Plastic eggs will be hid throughout the campus, and each egg will hold a prize. Students won’t know what they have won, but will have to report to the SGA office at a certain date and time. This way, students will be aware of the SGA office and will receive their prize at our next SGA meeting,” Senator Ryerson said.

 Many of the SGA members agreed that this idea would be a fun and interesting way to gain popularity among students; though the hunt was not confirmed President Moloche has made a suggestion box located outside of the SGA office in case onlookers of the meeting have any ideas. 

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