The Student Governments Association hunts for leaders of tomorrow

  1. Sarah Gould
  2. The Student Governments Association hunts for leaders of tomorrow
  3. By Kevin Furey

A Student Government Association meeting was held in the Mildred Green Room on Feb. 26, 2013 to discuss the association’s future leadership.

The future outlook of the Student Government Association looks positive with a substantial budget surplus, although future leadership is uncertain as current leaders are set to graduate at the end of this semester. 
“All positions are vacant — senator, secretary, treasurer, vice president, president — One of our initiatives this semester is for recruitment”, SGA ssa  s dstetstecretary Lauren Belzer said. Her statement then prompted an open discussion on how to recruit new members to run the SGA next year.

”We need something new and exciting to put our school on the map,” Michael Makinen, senator of the SGA, said, in rejection to producing a Harlem Shake dance video.

“Our job is to lead, not follow” Sedrick  Ambroise, SGA senator added. The idea was overruled so several SGA senators put other ideas on the table. These included a water balloon fight in Veterans Plaza (the campus square)  and an environmentally conscious video for earth-day. Those ideas were considered, but not widely applauded.

SGA President Brian Moloche then introduced the idea of having a campus-wide Easter egg hunt. “Each egg would contain a ticket, and they would have to come down to our office to receive their prize,” he said. When students would visit the SGA office to receive their prize, they would also receive paperwork and information on the SGA. Many members applauded this idea, as it would raise SGA awareness in a way that is both fun and creative.

Belzer then went on to discuss awareness for future SGA elections. “So, we started coming up with all of these ideas and one of them was the SGA info sessions,” she announced. Since all the positions are vacant, SGA information sessions plan to be held to promote the SGA and get students more involved. The SGA information sessions will be held on Feb. 25, 2013 at 11a.m. in the Orient Point Room, and Feb. 28, 2013 at 3p.m. in the Orient Point Room. Belzer also noted that the first SGA information session didn’t go as planned; she made no further comments on the matter.

The upcoming election of new SGA leaders is expected to have record turn out due to the new SGA twitter account. SCCC_SGA@twitter will be posting live updates in the leading months up to the election. Any current SCCC students who want to run for an SGA position must submit an application no later than Mar. 22, 2013, to the information booth in the Babylon Student Center.

Although the future leadership is currently unknown,  the current SGA members are still planning numerous events to bring the SCCC community closer together. The SGA currently has a budget surplus of over $11,000. This means that the new leadership of the SGA, whomever they may be, will be inheriting a well-oiled machine. That is, as long as the current members of the SGA can recruit new representatives to keep the organization running.


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