SGA Discusses Campus Matters

By Joshua Blake and Samantha Quevedo

March 6, 2013

SGA Discusses Campus Matters

To address the  mobile app, an Earth Day cigarette butt collection activity, and a recruitment and election drive, the Student Government Association (SGA) of the college  recently held a meeting in the Mildred Green Room in the Babylon Student Center.

 “What I have to present today is a mobile app,” SGA President Brian Moloche said. “The time has not been working out in my favor so far.” Brian Moloche went on to say that he was still trying to figure out a time when he could meet with Dean Sherwood and Dean Bartolatta.

Even though the mobile app will show activities on campus at real time, President Moloche said that he does not know too much about it. “I do know some basic things, hence why I want the Deans to be there if they have any questions like that, that they want to get addressed.”

Senator Mathew Ryerson questioned the app’s capabilities, stating “So, clubs individually would be posting their events themselves?”

  Starting in April, cigarette butts will be collected for Earth Day. “April 22nd between 11 to 12:15, we’re going to start collecting them,” said Vice Presdient Darlene Semken. She goes on to say that she is reaching out to other clubs that are willing to help. Vice President Semken also stated that she was looking at prices for containers and gloves.

 “One of our initiatives this semester is for the recruitment and election drive,” said secretary Lauren Belzer. Secretary Belzer hopes to promote SGA awareness with the recruitment and election drive. “We want people to want to be on the executive board–we want people to be a senator. We want more people to be involved” said secretary Belzer.

To help with promoting SGA awareness, SGA info sessions were thought of. However, the first info session didn’t go as planned. Senator Belzer went on to explain that she finally had application forms for the senator and executive board. She notes that “all positions are vacant,” and “all board applications are going to be due March 22nd.” Those interested could send them to the office of campus activities and student leadership development by 4P.M.

“I’ve noticed we’ve been starting the SGA meeting a little late,” said president Moloche. “We’re going to start the meetings at 3:30p.m.” he said. President Moloche then opened up the topic to the rest of the board.

 “I believe a firm 3:30 start time would be to our best advantage,” said senator Mathew Ryerson. “That’s what we signed up for.” Another member proposed a five minute delay being applicable for lateness to future SGA meetings.

Senator Michael Makinen offered an interesting idea on how to start SGA meetings. “I believe that we should start the SGA meetings informally by, just, saying hello to everybody and introducing some informal topics.” Senator Makinen thinks that this approach would make the air in the room less thick so “You could cut it with a butter knife.”

Senator Ryerson disagreed, however. “This is a formal atmosphere,” said Ryerson. “If we start at 3:30 and allow for perhaps five minutes to go over minutes–that way when, at 3:35, you say ‘Do we approve minutes, anyone want to make any changes to it?’–but at 3:30, gavel slams.”

 “Okay, so start at 3:30, 3:35 approval of minutes–can we go forward,” said president Moloche. “Is that what you guys are saying?” Senator Ryerson agreed.

As the SGA concluded their formal business, the discussion shifted to more social matters.

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