Student Government looks for more Student participation

The Student Government Association discussed ways to enhance the amount of student participation in the student government, at the SGA meeting, on Feb. 26  in the Babylon Student Center.


“We want more people to be involved in the SGA, and all positions are vacant,” Senator Laurne Belzer said. 

The main concern of the meeting had to do with low amounts of members in SGA, and each member of the board came up with ideas on how to promote their cause.

Vice President Darlene Semken, suggested an Earth Day event of cleaning up all the discarded cigarette butts on campus, scheduled to take place in the beginning of April.


 “We are reaching out to all clubs interested in collecting all the cigarette butts on campus,”  VP Semken said.


 Another suggestion made, was for SGA members to create and post their own version of a Harlem Shake video.


The Harlem Shake videos that have been bombarding the internet, is a new version of a dance called the Harlem Shake where groups of random people in random settings, “Harlem Shake” to a latin/techno beat.  The SGA thinks this would be a great way to promote, but the room was divded on whether or not to go through with it. President Moloche directed everyone to vote on the Harlem Shake video. The vote was 5 to 4, denying the use of a Harlem Shake video to increase the SGA’s popularity.

 “We’re supposed to be seen as leaders no followers,” Senator Sedrick Ambroise said.

Senator Matthew Ryerson proposed the final event for consideration: An Easter egg hunt throughout campus, for the coming weeks of March and April.



“Plastic eggs will be hidden throughout the campus, and each egg will hold a prize. Students won’t know what they have won, but will have to report to the SGA office at a certain date and time, this way students will be aware of the SGA office, and will receive their prize at our next SGA meeting,”Senator Ryerson said.


“Although we are a community college we are our own little family, and we need new ideas,” President Moloche said in an attempt to gain new members for SGA.


Any student interested in joining the SGA, or with questions or concerns on upcoming events can report to the Information Booth in the Babylon Student Center for more details.


The SGA office, it is located down the hall from the bookstore in the Babylon Student Center.


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