Board of Trustees Meeting at the Ammerman Campus

Board of Trustees Meeting at the Ammerman Campus
A Board of Trustees Meeting was held on Thursday February 21, 2013 in the Brookhaven Gymnasium in the Alumni room at the Ammerman campus.

The meeting focused on financial reports and ten resolutions the college has currently issued. The college is governed by a board of ten trustees in which five are appointed by the Suffolk County legislature, four by the governor of New York State, and one student trustee elected by the student body.

“We expect expenses to go up $4.5 million.  As far as revenue, we do projections and revenue coming in now is roughly 2.5 percent less”, Vice President Mazzarelli stated when discussing financial reports. The reason being President Dr.McKay says is “we are seeing a lot of our part-time students attending all three campuses.” These campuses are located in Brentwood, Riverhead, and Selden.

“While our head count is looking at 26,000 less credits on all three campuses. This year coming in 400,000 going forward we look forward to see what the state will come back with. We are hoping to get something to the board once the state comes back. There are students working three jobs and attending all campuses, so we have to factor that in”, Dr.McKay declares.

The first resolution discussed was on approving monthly sponsor services for the college. The board has resolved that the health insurance payment in the amount of nearly $2 million had been approved for the month of January 2013. The board has also resolved and authorized additional fees to be paid to BBS Architects, which sum is estimated to be $147,522 for the design of roof repairs at the eastern campus in Riverhead.

The board authorized the appointment of new members to the Board of Directors of the Suffolk center on the Holocaust, Diversity, and Human Understanding, Inc. The meeting continued with the acceptance of an additional sub-award from the Research Foundation of SUNY for participation in a project known as Iracda- the New York consortium for the advancement of postdoctoral scholars.

The requested 2014-2016 capital program and 2014 capital budget was approved. The board awarded a consultant contract to conduct a feasibility study for the use of a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) for the construction of the new learning and resource center on the Grant campus and the new health and wellness center on the Eastern campus.

As far as monitoring the schools reports progress, Dr. Christopher Shults, Director for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness was “Pleased to say we are on the right track. Operation planning is part of integrated planning”, he informed. A member of the board, Saul R. Fenchel had some concerns. “Do they [students] get jobs, do they continue to go on to another school, are they unemployed? How effective are they?” he inquired.

Students receive follow up surveys when they complete their degree. However, there is only about a 17 percent turn out rate, which can make it hard to rate a student’s success.  Schults stated, “If you have a 100 percent graduation rate and a 100 percent unemployment rate, you have nothing.” Dr.Mckay argued, “The Federal System does not allow us to track it that way. We do conduct those surveys and we are working towards that.”

The meeting also emphasized new marketing strategies so the college can appeal to future students such as juniors and seniors in high school’s right now who are applying to colleges. The college has recently released a commercial and that is just one of their implemented strategies. Suffolk wants to be considered as the first choice and not a last minute one.

The meeting was adjourned three hours after it began and was an overall success. Many important issues were discussed and many important points were made. When the meeting concluded, all those who attended were welcomed to join together again on March 21, 2013 at 4 p.m. in the Lecture Hall at the Montaukett Learning Resource Center on the Eastern Campus and then again on the Ammerman Campus in the Mildred Green Room at 7 p.m. on April 18, 2013.


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