Take a break no way!

Winter break for college students usually means a full month of no classes to spend any which way they desire.

Some spend the break with family and friends, other students travel, work extra hours, and catch up on school work or some use that time to relax. One way many college students try to get ahead of the game is by taking classes over winter break.

This school offers a variety of winter classes for those students who want to take advantage and pick up additional credits.  Also, many students take this opportunity just in case they happened to fail a class; winter break is an opportunity to retake it.

Usually since the winter classes are jammed into a one month span the classes run a little longer than they normally would. Also attendance is mandatory, only emergency situations are excusable due to the shortness of the semester.

The idea of going to school during the winter break may or may not sound appealing but to those who are interested Winter Session begins December 27.  Registration is permitted until the day before classes start depending on availability because classes do fill up fast. Student’s can register online or at the registers office in the Ammerman Building.

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