Obama’s reelection: What it means for students

By Anthony Lucero

With the election all wrapped up and Barack Obama being reelected as president, college students are taking a look at how would a second Obama term would affect them and their education.

Right before the election students were given facts on what candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have done and would do for education if elected. The information was obtained from the candidates’ political websites found at http://www.mittromney.com/issues/ education for Romney and http://www.whitehouse.gov/issues/

“I’m not looking to vote for neither [sic]” said an unnamed Liberal art major when asked whose education plan he felt was better. “But if I had to choose, based off what I read, I would say Obama would be better. Romney is just too much of a liar.”

His feelings were reiterated by many students on campus as they over whelming felt Obama would do more for education.

“Right away I can say Obama’s plan is better, and I’m not just saying that because I support him but because here he has an actual plan,” said political science major Joseph Lobiondo.

“I did not support ether candidate, but judging from what I read Romney didn’t have many actual solutions, instead just criticism and criticism is a simple thing. Obama may have solutions but has many more to address,” said Political Science Major Henry Yang.

The first four years of Barack Obama’s presidency, Obama set many goals he looked to tackle within education. Obama sought improvements in standardized testing and school choice; he reformed No Child Left Behind while also implementing his own head start plan in Race to the Top.

Obama looked to revive an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education but possibly his biggest contribution for education in terms of college students was his effort to try to make college more affordable for those who could not pay.

The act of cutting out private banks and instead letting the federal government provide loans directly freed up billions of dollars to be put towards Pell Grants and into other post-secondary education grant programs.

“Obama’s reelection doesn’t mean much to me in my terms with education but I will say he has done a lot to help those in need of an education,” said liberal arts major Frank Seidl.

For most students at Suffolk the most important issue when it came to education was financial aid.

“Mitt Romney is all about the bands (i.e Money)” said accounting Major Alex West. “I never trusted him to run the economy; why would I trust him with my education?” Alex added, “An Obama reelection means my financial aid is safe and that’s all that matters to me.”

Although Obama was able to help many students have a chance to afford a decent education, where he would falter would be his efforts to lower the cost of college education as a whole as the cost continues to rise. He would also be at the helm of the teacher strikes seen during his presidency.

Barack Obama has recognized the importance education plays in our country. A well-educated man; Obama was able to get into the position he is due in large part because of the education provided to him by this great nation. With a second term under his belt, many issues are left to tackle for Obama like the still growing cost of colleges and universities along with graduates being unable to find a job. Yet the overwhelming sentiment at Suffolk is that Obama is the right man for the job.

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