Last call for withdrawl

By Mary Luz Alpizar

        Withdrawing almost mid semester is convenient for students at Suffolk because it gives the chance to try out the class Students this upcoming Oct. 25 is the closing date for withdrawals. If you don’t feel comfortable with a class this is the time to withdraw. If you already missed three classes and plan on missing more you may want to consider withdrawing.

If you need help deciding whether you should drop a class or not, take in to account how convenient is the schedule for you. Sometimes it is impossible to be on time or to even make it, missed quizzes and assignments make it hard to follow.

      David Ortiz a student at SCCC who plans on transferring to Stony Brook next semester says, “Luckily I did not have to withdraw from any classes this semester. I enrolled in a class that was 8:00 a.m. I was late and mi  ssed like three times. It was definitely a good choice since I am now retaking the class on a different schedule and doing good in it.”

       Another full time student Michael Guiodemi says “I register for as many classes as I can, and I get a feeling for all of them. Sometimes I get to keep them all and sometimes I drop one or two classes.”

      Remember this very important date, no later than Oct. 25. After that date you’ll have to stay in the class or get an F. You may not be able to register for another class after this point but at least you won’t have an F on your transcript.

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