Journey to Success


By Malcolm Williams

The long awaited end of the fall semester nears at the college as well as other colleges around the country. We do our best or at least try to do our best to make it to the goal of becoming an important asset to society. We try to better our chances of finding a career that not only fulfills our needs but one that satisfies our desires. As the semester closes and the pages of our lives story continue to turn, the question we ask ourselves is, what chapter will we all be individually turning to the next year around? We are given endless choices but in fact, there are few solutions.

Stress is a physical response to events that may threaten or upset ones balance. There are those who spend sleepless nights planning and the choices they have set forth in front of them which causes an overwhelming amount of stress to fill their minds. The burden of the stress to succeed weighs them down to the point where they are immoveable. The journey has now taken a detour and the  changes now weather them down to point of decay, they are now slowing withering away.

The school offers a variety of services to help students manage the stress and chaos, establishing a sense of order in one’s education. As the year nears its end and we all become closer and closer to breaking through that checkered tape, lined up evenly above the finish, with our arms waved erratically in the air as we cross that line to victory. That line to victory is graduation, the gratification of being able to say , “yes, I made it, I didn’t give up and I have successfully obtained my diploma.” The journey continues in exploration; An exploration that can only be successful with the proper tools and knowledge of our mental and physical worlds that we are surrounded by.


One response

  1. Your writing skills are amazing continue to work hard because the reward is worth the many obstacles you may face. Never stop writing your gift will make room for you.

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