Sagtik Van Nostrand

red cross

– Malcolm Williams

October 29, 2012 will be remembered as the day Hurricane Sandy struck New york. It was a brutal storm that will not only be remembered by those who went through it, but also by all those who witnessed this catastrophe on television screens all over the globe.

What can we do to help the victims?

There have been a number of benefits held in the past couple of months to help Hurricane Sandy victims, most recently the 12/12/12 concert in Madison Square Garden which raised $30 million dollars in ticket sales alone. When most New Yorkers thing of Hurricane Sandy benefits they will most likely remember this one, on December 12, 2012 many at home viewers of the event donated money to 1-800-Red-Cross.
What about Suffolk County Community College?

While others remember the 12/12/12 Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert, here at Suffolk County Community College we will remember the efforts the women’s basketball team has made to help those devastated by the effects of Hurricane Sandy. An army of people lost their homes to either fire, flooding or due to the falling of trees but do to their resilience the victims or more so like an army the survivors have united in battle and steadily march forward to rebuild the damage of the city they know and love.
How is the women’s basketball team and the college helping as a whole?

The women’s basketball team recently helped in raising non-perishable foods to those in need. This is

very important, many people who once had beautiful homes or just homes period are now forced to live in shelters. The victims are rebuilding , but with all rebuilding efforts it takes a lot of time and energy, and just the stress of being out of the comfort of your home is pain enough for a family. The women’s team also collected clothing for the survivors another major necessity for all the people who lost all their belongings with the loss of their home.

Donations anyone?

On 7:00PM Tuesday December 18 at the Sagtik Von Nostrand Theater on the Michael J. Grant campus of Suffolk County Community College a Hurricane Sandy relief benefit will be held. The admission is $10.00 and additional money will also be accepted the more money we can get the better. We are looking for particular donations including, but not limited to: Coats, shoes, socks, pants and sweaters. Also personal care items are of the utmost necessity, blankets and also baby food. Any little bit will help, it all adds up, please help, let’s rebuild the damages of the State we all know and love, we all know someone who was severely affected by Hurricane Sandy, please think about them when call the benefit number and/or donate items in person, the school can be contacted at 851-6702.

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