Students see the strangest things


By Kevin Pannhurst

Shooting stars, planets and constellations are just some of the matter in space that can be seen by one on a clear dark night. Others have seen beyond the expected views, and claim to have witnessed unidentifiable objects in space.

Scientist’s and people have been able to debunk some of the UFO myths by attributing the lights to a plane or helicopter. However, there is not an explanation for all sightings that have been reported.  It is the unknown occurrences that keep people observing the night sky.

“I saw this ball of light, it was going to the right and suddenly it began moving backwards and zigzagging before it shot off into the darkness,” said Roy Scott accounting and paralegal major. What began as an ordinary night turned into an unexplainable experience.

Similar to Scott other students have had comparable encounters. “There were a bunch of lights, a  strangely shaped ship with a lot of wind, and suddenly it was gone,” said Katelynn Weatherup, linguistics major.

And business administration major, Recebecca Carmela said, “I was looking up at the sky during the summer. I was looking at what I thought was a shooting star until it stopped directly in its tracks and disappeared upwards.” Carmella could not make sense of what she had seen.

How could the unusual lights, shapes and sounds in the sky be explained? Some believe we are seeing spaceships from intelligent life on other planets, or a glimpse of what will come in the future.  After all, one can make their own judgment- just take a look into the dark starry sky.

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  1. I am obsessed with UFO’s! Keep watching the skies Kevin!

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