The Perfect Gift

20121203_234946               By Cody Prawicka

The holidays are right around the corner, the time for family, friends and gift giving. Hopefully for most the rush of holiday shopping started and ended on Black Friday, but for those unfortunate few who are having some trouble buying a gift for a family member or that special someone here are some ideas that the colleges students, both boy and girls; think would make great gifts for the holidays.

Sometimes buying a gift for someone you love can be stressful not only because you don’t know what to get them, but also you have to juggle it around with practicals and finals you may be taking. So a couple of students have given their opinions on what they want for the holidays.
“One thing I really would like this year from my boyfriend is a new Pandora charm for my charm bracelet. I don’t really care what kind just as long as it’s cute and fits my personality,” said Ashley Buxbaum. Pandora charms are something that has grown to be very popular within the past few years. Prices on one charm range from as low as twenty dollars to as high as $300. What makes them so popular is they are they are not only gorgeous but there are so many of them, for instance if you are a man who is dating a dancer you can buy a charm that is in the shape of ballerina slippers. This is one gift that boyfriends cannot go wrong with this year.

You would think that if you were a boyfriend shopping for your girlfriend it would be much harder right? Actually wrong, girls have a lot of trouble shopping for their boyfriends as well. But here’s a little help; in a poll done on the Ammerman campus, 50 male students asked what they want for the holidays. Surprisingly 70% said the exact same thing, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. “It might be nerdy, but I want that game pretty bad,” said Michael Gonzales. This game for the Xbox360 and the Playstation 3 goes for $60, unless you buy it used at a retail store then it may drop down to $45. However there may be a chance that the person you’re buying this for may already have it considering it’s arguably the most popular video game of the year, so just in case the person you’re getting a gift for already has it here are some other things the male students said they wanted: cologne, new hit movies on blu ray like Prometheus and the Expendables 2, gift cards, and of course cash.

Lastly it comes down to what you can get your family members for the holidays. Your Mom, Dad, Brother or sister can be hard to shop for sometimes if you haven’t talked to them about it before hand. So here are some ideas from students who are mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters who attend the college. Ted Vercelli, father of one, gave his opinion on a special gift for the holidays; “What I would really like for the holidays is a new LCD 3D T.V. I don’t really need a big expensive one just something comfy and nice. I saw a demo of the 3D capability at a Best Buy and I thought it was cool.” It’s no secret that a T.V. for the holidays is an expensive gift however, places like Best Buy and Sears are selling these kinds of T.V.’s for as low as $400. Not too bad when you think about it.

“When it comes to being a Mother you really should get the best gift of the bunch.” said Jill Verbeck. “To be honest I just want peace and quiet with my daughters and have a nice dinner for the holidays, but a bottle of wine wouldn’t hurt either.” That is a very easy present to give to you mother for the holidays so some students should take heed to that idea. As for siblings a brother and sister Eric and Hayley Mann exchanged their present ideas for each other that might help other students. “My brother constantly breaks his iPod so I’m getting him a new iPod touch with a protective case for it. Hopefully he will learn to take care of things soon.” Eric Mann has a different approach to gift ideas, “Instead of just buying my sister one thing I figured I would just take her to a $100 shopping spree at her favorite store Sephora. That place is like a second home for her.”

So there are just a few gift ideas for the holidays if you are in a rush. With Christmas and Hanukah right around the corner there is only a short amount of time. So go out and get that special someone something that they will remember this season.

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