Success in Our Community Thanks to the Eastern Campus Home Team


Here at our college there are over 90 clubs and organizations to get involved in to provide the student with extra-curricular activities that he or she is interested in.   They also add to a list of accomplishments which will eventually look great on a future resume. One club in particular that has certainly made a name for itself through its constant successful projects in our community is the Eastern Campus Home Team, located at our Riverhead campus.

Before renaming itself this year (originally The Strive for Success club) this club was focused in making a difference among our college while also serving the community. With its new name this year and some minor adjustments to the overall mission of the group, the Eastern Campus Home Team now strives to be more of an overall service organization. They primarily focus on helping out the community in which our school is located and do an incredible job representing our college through their various charity events, fundraising, and volunteering.



Theresa Dereme is a coordinator for the college success program at the Eastern Campus as well as the leader of the Eastern Campus Home Team. After coming to the Ammerman campus in 2006, she worked as a professional assistant before she moved to the Eastern Campus working full time at the college success program. Dereme manages the club and has been working with student members to serve, fund raise, and reach out in the community to help those in need. She and the student members are committed to building teams of people who will work together and encourage each other in service projects throughout the community.

“We strive to help those in need, generally the whole community at large. Currently we are at the Riverhead Charter School, where we help those who need additional reading support. “Explains Dereme. “We are very open to helping out with different opportunities dealing with all types of people. We are open to everyone, which is what helping is all about.”

On October 24th 2012, the club held a Walk-a-thon at the Eastern Campus in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Students donated money before walking in and around campus and raised over $300 in donations before the fundraising event even occurred. Past fundraising events also included a coloring book drive for the children’s hospital at Stony Brook University, donating to Toys for Tots, and consecutively helping out at local soup kitchens on weekends.

Along with the various fundraising and charity events, the club members also enjoy going on trips together. These include day trips to New York City in order to educate themselves more, visiting places like museums and shows on Broadway to explore and open their minds in an inspirational atmosphere.

Dereme’s passion shows when talking about the students who are part of the Easten Campus Home Team. Along with having a packed schedule from school and jobs, they always seem to make enough time to focus on the club and helping out their community. They aim to inspire others and it is certain that each member feels a sense of importance in their community as well as a sense of pride from what they have accomplished through their involvement.

“They enjoy the community service, and it also adds as something to put on a resume and transcript for when they eventually transfer out of our 2-year college.” Says Dereme.

Being a club member also involves deciding which charity event to brainstorm and participate in each year. Since the club’s opening in 2007, students have planned and succeeded in fundraisers and walk-a-thons for juvenile diabetes, cancer care, after school programs, and the children’s hospitals at St. Judes and Stony Brook University.

The club’s hard work was noted in 2009, when they raised over $750 at their first walk-a-thon and got awarded a plaque for the most money raised for a new club on campus. A second plaque was awarded to the club after their hard work fundraising for the marines who serve our country.

The Eastern Campus Home Team is without a doubt an inspirational and heartwarming part of our college community. They have succeeded with all of their projects and only continue to keep working towards more and making positive differences in our community each and every year.

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