Basketball 3 on 3 Tournament on the Ammerman Campus

By Kevin Clarkson

This Thursday, the Business and Accounting club will host a 3 on 3-basketball tournament in the Brookhaven gymnasium.

The Business and Accounting club is holding the event for the first time in club history. The club and its advisor, Professor Nick Bosco, wanted to hold the event last semester but due to the unavailability of the gym, the club elected to host the event this semester.

Since the event was supposed to happen last semester, the original plan was that the proceeds would help benefit the club and their upcoming field trip. After Super Storm Sandy, the club decided funds generated from this tournament will be donated to the relief efforts for families who have been affected by the hurricane.

“The plan was to go towards our Business and Accounting field trip. We would like to give back though to our community by donating some of the proceeds to the hurricane relief. We will also be hosting a bake sale in order to generate funds,” said Professor Bosco.

The tournament will be a round robin or double elimination tournament. How the tournament will be held has not yet been specified.

Teams should consist of three to four players and will run approximately from 6pm-10pm. To sign up, teams must have all players accounted for, and must pay a $30 per team fee however, students aren’t the only ones playing.

“We don’t only want students. We want students, staff, alumni, and all other to participate. If people don’t want to play, but still want to show their support they can come down and help out. We are looking for people to help officiate the games, and keep track of score. There will be trophies given out at the end of the tournament. I will also be playing in the tournament myself,” said Professor Bosco.

 The tournament will be held on December 6th and anyone interested can sign up at any time. A booth set up in the Babylon student center, by the club for sign-ups. If you have not entered the tournament, but are still interested you can contact Professor Bosco, or show up at the tournament with your team and money ready.

 If you have further questions about signing up or about the tournament please contact Professor Bosco or his office phone 631-452-4264.




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