Students Choose Sides in Console Wars

by Kevin Pannhurst

Video games used to be a hobby enjoyed by very few, but these days it has become a mainstream hobby. With so many gamers around, companies have a much larger audience to sell their consoles and games to. Several people disagree on others opinions regarding which console to buy. This is called a console war; as each side tries to prove it is the best.

Today, the console war is between Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s PlayStation 3, and Nintendo’s Wii. Everyone has their own favorite console, and as time goes on more memories of playing games are made.

Suffolk Student and Psychology Major Marc Astacio commented on his favorite console, “Some may disagree with me, but my favorite system of all time was the N-gage. It was a fantastic handheld with really great games, but didn’t get much support.”

After some discussion, Astacio had told me his favorite game for the N-gage was SonicN, “One of my favorite sonic games, nothing really tops it except for the classic sonic games.”

It really was an amazing handheld, though Nokia had made the mistake of releasing it during the reign of the Gameboy Advance. Not only was Nintendo in control of the handheld industry, but the N-gage cost twice as much as the superior Gameboy Advance.

I had asked Suffolk Student Roberta Feder of her favorite game, and I received an interesting response; “The first Spyro the Dragon game on the PlayStation 1.”

Spyro the Dragon is an action Plat former where you must save the world of the dragons from impending evil. This game was very innovative and had some things that I hadn’t seen before.

“I must have played through that game like, forty times, no joke. That was back when you would try to do things in games like only using the ram attack throughout an entire level just to see if you could do it, not for a bing and 10 achievement points. I miss that.” Feder went on to say.

The good old days, before your “gamer score” told how good of a gamer you are, rather than saving your data. Not many people played through games not only because they were much longer than today’s 6 hour games, but because they were harder to complete. One could say they actually offered a bit of challenge.

Another student, Steve from the Selden Campus, had a discussion with me on consoles; “The Super Nintendo was hands down my favorite console of all time. It had so many great games I couldn’t get enough…. Most of my childhood was spent playing games like Zelda, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Super Mario World; the list goes on and on.”

Many people played all of these games, which have really paved the way for the future. whenever a group of people are talking online about The Legend of Zelda series, everyone always says A Link to the Past was their favorite; A real boost for the Super Nintendo.

Back in the days of the Super Nintendo, Sega had put out an advertisement saying “Genesis does what Nintendon’t.” This was a real blow to Nintendo, saying the Genesis was a better gaming console. However, most people I knew had Super Nintendo’s and only one person had a Sega Genesis.

Personally, my favorite console was the Nintendo 64, I see it as a real golden age for platformers.

One of my favorite games of all time had made its first appearance on the 64, Banjo Kazooie. This game was very humorous, had some great controls and the fact that the antagonist provoked you the entire way was great. The Nintendo 64 was created when creativity was thriving; games were enormous and had such diversity in each level. In Super Mario 64, there were levels with several goals; such as defeating the evil Big Bob-omb King, racing a turtle to the mountain summit, and diving into the ocean depths to a sunken ship.

While I was interviewing people I was expecting some current gen console war’s with the PS3 vs. Xbox 360. I was glad to find out gamers look to the past with fond memories of a lot of great consoles, and games. Gaming is a huge industry pushing forward, making improvements, and becoming better than ever.

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