Students can’t resist The Walking Dead.

        By Kevin Pannhurst

October rolls around once again this year and all of its horror themed traditions. To most, October is a month for horror movies, video games, parties and trick or treating. To some of us, it means the return of AMC’s The Walking Dead.If you’ve never seen The Walking Dead you should give it a try if you enjoy anything zombie related. Most of the show is centered on a particular group of survivors just trying to get by in a zombie infested world; moving house to house, camp settlement to camp settlement, making a home out of a store or abandoned building. It really gives a good example of how mentally worn down human morale can be during a tragedy like this.

It’s interesting to see how a zombie apocalypse can effect the lives of people who are still trying to peice their lives back together. Imagine being separated from family and friends, trying months to try to find some trace of them. This is the reality of The Walking Dead, strangers coming together just to survive and get through this.

Typically every Monday you can hear someone in the class discussing the latest episode considering Sunday night was a new episode. Last October in my Biology class, we were always talking about what was going on this season. While walking past the library I overheard a couple of student’s discussing the new season. “I love this season, it’s freaking awesome so far.”

This season is defiantly faster paced; they’re getting a lot done in this short amount of time. I had a discussion with a student about how Rick is starting to act more like Shane did. He’s become more aggressive and isn’t taking shit from anyone; if they endanger his group’s survival you can be sure he’s going to take care of it.

If you haven’t seen any episodes of the walking dead there’s still time, on Netflix the first two seasons are up to watch. As for season 3, if you have cablevision in the free on demand section you can find the new episodes found in the entertainment section on AMC.

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  1. Love this show. Good article Kevin.

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