Forbidden Broadway 30th Anniversary Show

By Cody Prawicka

Lately the college’s theater department has been very busy putting out plays on all the campuses. Some of these plays are Extremities, The Foreigner, and That Dorothy Parker. Well now the theater department is thinking of doing something a little different this time around.

On November 10th, the Grant campus’s theater department is proud to bring you The Forbidden Broadway 30th Anniversary Show. This show features multiple scenes and songs from broadway plays ranging from Annie to Phantom of the Opera, as well as Wicked. However that’s not all, it is also a roast of over thirty Broadway musicals that features crazy costumes, funny spoofs of songs you may know and love and pitch perfect impersonations of the casts of said musicals.

This laugh riot will be held at the Van Nostrand Theater at the Grant campus in Brentwood. The show starts at 8 P.M., this is a onetime only performance so do not be late! If you are interested in going to see this hysterical performance general admission cost $17.00. But wait! Some good news, if you are a student of the college and come to the ticket booth with your school I.D. you will be given a free ticket, one free ticket per student.

If you have any further questions about the cast, possible rescheduling, and or directions to the Grant campus you can contact the box office at: 631-851-6589. So come on down and support your college and attend this gut busting spoof performances of your favorite Broadway plays

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