Bullying Policy Helps Suffolk Students

By Cody Prawicka

Bullying is a topic that not only people at the college are familiar with, but the entire world. That is why the college has recently made a bullying policy of their own.

As of August 21 2012, the college has updated their Anti-Bullying policy since bulling has grown into a bigger problem in the past couple of years. There are a total of eight parts of the policy the first being its purpose, which is to educate the colleges students as well as faculty on the problems of bullying and to promote civility and respect to all those who attend.

It goes on to define what bullying is an aggressive or hostile act in which an individual or group intend to humiliate, mentally/ physically injure, or intimidate another individual or group.

In recent years many stories of bullying have been told most of which, more recently the “Amanda Todd Story”, have ended in a nightmare. Many schools, both colleges and high schools have made it a prime mission to stop any form of bullying that happens on their property.

There are different forms of bullying that this policy covers not only just physical or verbal. It covers physical, verbal/ written, non-verbal which includes threatening gestures or invasion of personal space, and the very well-known cyber bullying.

A college student Bryan Butterfass had this to say about bullying, “There is not a doubt in my mind that everyone has been bullied at least once in their life, I remember I was bullied in high school and also in my first semester at Suffolk. I was walking to class and I passed by a group of kids who started saying some nasty remarks about a shirt I was wearing that was a little too big for me. Normally that kind of stuff doesn’t get to me but that really ruined my whole day, it’s nice that the administration is doing something about it.”

The college has made it clear in part three of the policy that bullying on campus is strictly prohibited to all trustees, and if by and unfortunate event that it turns into a form of criminal nature it will be referred to the local law enforcement authorities. However part four refers to what is not considered to be bullying in the college which includes any supervisor with records of an employee’s unsatisfactory performance, faculty member discussing a student’s poor performance in class, or reprimanding a student to their irrational behavior. This may be a very important subject of the policy considering it protects any faculty member or administrator from a possible lawsuit.

If you are a student and would like to report an act of bullying there are a few things you can do to stop of bullying and ensure your safety. You must report any complaints to the Office of Public Safety; those complaints will be forwarded to Campus Associate Dean of Student Affairs for investigation. If you are an employee that would like to report an act of bullying you must immediately file a complaint to the assistant Vice President of Human Resources so it can be under investigation.

If the act of bullying that was investigated is proved to be true and under the guideline definition of what the college calls bullying disciplinary action will be enforced in accordance to the college policy.

A student of the college, Eric Mann; who was bullied at the Ammerman campus, seems to of found comfort in the policy, “I’ve been bullied throughout my whole life mainly for just being myself. I’m sort of a nerd which I understand, but I don’t understand why that caused me to be bullied. In my opinion I think what the college is doing about bullying by making this policy is a prayer being answered. No longer do I have to feel like there is nothing I can do about being bullied, I feel protected now.”

In a poll done at the Ammerman Campus a total of 50 students were asked if they have ever been bullied on college property, 47 of them said yes. When asked if they had reported it to the Office of Public Safety all of them said no either because of fear of their bullies or because they do not know how to report it. This proves that students must know about how to report any act of bullying that may happen to them.

If you are a student of the college that is being bullied or has seen an act of bullying on campus do not ignore it, report it immediately to the Office of Public Safety to stop it. The college has made a step against bullying; now it’s up to the fellow students and faculty to go against it too.

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  1. Very informative Cody. Thanks for the information.

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