Ammerman Campus presents ParaNorman!

By Ally Lashley

The Ammerman Campus presents a Family Friendly Movie night on November 16th for all students, and their family members interested in seeing ParaNorman! This movie is a spooky flick created and directed by the one and only Tim Burton (The Nightmare before Christmas and Corpse Bride). At the box office this movie would have cost around sixteen dollars a pop, but ParaNorman can be viewed for free at the Islip Arts Building in room 115 at 7 P.M. .

Any student unfamiliar with this movie, it begins with our not so normal hero Norman who has the gift of seeing and communicating with the dead. Norman is viewed as a freak, and is left to being a loner at his school. He meets another loner, Neil, and they become friends. Norman’s life seems to be looking up until an encounter with his crazed uncle, voiced by John Goodman, who claims Norman, with his special gift, is the only boy who can stop the evil witch soon to plague the town. Norman and Neil head out with their older siblings to face the evil witch, in doing so uncovering many hidden secrets of their town.

Tim Burton fulfills his talents with ParaNorman, and each character is uniquely shaped into their clay-mated physiques. Each character experiences outrageous encounters with zombies, ghosts, and witches throughout the entire film. The ghoulish vibe of this movie may be a bit frightening, but the funny scenes outweigh the scary scenes in this film.

Suffolk Student Kathleen McKiernan is excited to bring her little sister Bailey to see ParaNorman at the Islip Arts Building. “With the expensive prices at the movies, I usually just wait until movies come out to rent, but this movie being shown for free is more than convenient, and I can bring my sister because she loves Tim Burton movies.” This movie is rated PG for some scary images, but it is a funny movie for young children and adults. The presentation of this movie is free, but a thanksgiving food donation would be greatly appreciated for the college’s food pantry at the time of showing.

2 responses

  1. Can’t wait to see this movie! Thanks for the review Ally.

  2. It is quite refreshing to read articles written by such a capable writer!

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