Do It Yourself Tutu for a Unique Costume this Halloween

By Alyson Feis

A variety of Halloween costumes are available this year, but how can you make sure you won’t match your classmates? One student suggests creating a DIY tutu! A tutu can serve as the base to almost any Halloween costume when you pair it with the right accessories!

Christin Kmetz, a photography major, at the college says there are a few things to consider before purchasing the materials. She suggests visiting stores like Hot Topic, Icing, and Party City before choosing a costume.

“You find all the cool stuff you want to wear with your tutu and then you decide what the tutu will look like,” she said.

Once you’ve gotten an idea of what you want your costume to look like you can decide what colors your tutu will be and begin gathering materials. All materials can be found at a local fabric store like JoAnn’s, in West Babylon.



Measuring tool

4-6 yards of Tulle


After gathering the materials you can begin crafting your Halloween Tutu by measuring and cutting the materials.

The ribbon will serve as the waist of your tutu, and it will be tied in the back in order to secure the tutu in place. Before cutting make sure the ribbon is long enough to be wrapped around your waist and then tied in a bow.

The length of your tutu (from waist to end) will be determined by the size of the pieces of tulle you cut. Note: Each piece should be twice the length of your desired tutu. For example, if you desire a tutu that will hang eight inches from your waist you should cut your tulle into pieces about 2-4 inches wide by 16 inches long.

Once you have cut all of your materials you are ready to create your tutu.

1. Take a piece of tulle and fold it in half, making a “U” shape.

2. Holding the tulle above the ribbon, grab the ends of the tulle and pull them around the ribbon and through the “U” shape.

3. Pull the ends tight until you notice the tulle is knotted around the ribbon.

4. Continue knotting tulle around the ribbon in the pattern of your choice, always working from the center, outward.

The amount of tulle you use will determine how thick or thin your tutu is. To achieve a fuller, more fluffy look, push the tulle closer together and add as many knots of tulle as possible. If you desire a thinner, lower hanging tutu, leave some space between each knot.

So become a bumble bee by pairing your yellow tutu with a black leotard and adding insect wings. Or borrow your cousins ballerina slipper’s and become a ballerina! Whatever you decide to do with your DIY tutu, you can be confident that this Halloween, your costume will be as unique as you!


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