Magical Opportunities arrive at College!

By Alyson Feis

The Disney College program will be on campus this Thursday, October 18th. Presentations will be held at noon and at 4pm in the Eaton Neck room, located in the Babylon Student Center. By attending either presentation students will be able to explore the magic The Disney College Program has to offer them!

The Disney College Program is a paid internship designed to aid undergraduate students in acquiring valuable work experience while continuing their degree. The program has a reputation for creating lifelong friendships founded on a love for all things Disney.

While Disney is known for their mythical fairytales, students that are accepted into the program can begin living a real life fairytale at either Disney Resort. Students may be given the option of choosing where their fairytale takes place! Positions are available at Disney World in Florida and at Disneyland in California.

The presentation will explain the requirements and walk you through the application process. Attending the presentation will help you in deciding if this experience is right for you!

The Disney College Program is without a doubt a wonderful experience. To find out more attend the meeting this week or visit .


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