Women’s Volleyball Team Serves Another Successful Year


The women’s volleyball team has certainly created a name for themselves through their constant practices and games, committed members, impressive fundraising, and talented coach.

Kim Simpson has been coaching the volleyball team for the past five years and absolutely loves it. Getting introduced to volleyball at a young age, Simpson played through middle school and high school and later received a full scholarship to play volleyball at New York Institute of Technology. Along with teaching special education and social studies at a school in Kings Park, NY., Simpson combines her passion of teaching both in the classroom and on the volleyball court.

“I fell in love with teaching, whether it be volleyball or in the school.” Said Simpson. “Teaching both my students and the volleyball girls is great, and seeing them get a response from my teaching is amazing. Observing their improvement and knowing they ‘get it’ and left a better person; it’s just exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

With 15 members making up the team this season and winning thirteen out of their fourteen games so far this season, woman’s volleyball gives true meaning to the word “team”. With 2 hour practices every weekday as well as additional games 3 days per-week, the team and coach are extremely close due to constant practices and traveling for scheduled games and tournaments.

College sophomore Sara Morci is on her second year as a member of the woman’s volleyball team and is extremely passionate about how close they are both on and off the court. As a commuter at our community college where students come and go it can be difficult to meet people on campus, and joining the volleyball team has helped her become close with not only the girls on the team, but people on other sports teams as well.

“This is my second year on the volleyball team and it has been amazing” says Morci. “Not only am I with my teammates everyday at practice, but we also have pasta parties, sleepovers, go out together, and travel together. We become more like family members during the season due to our similar schedules and planning ahead to make sure our school work is done.”

The volleyball team will be participating in their third annual breast cancer fundraiser, “Dig Pink” on Thursday, October 12th in the Brookhaven Gymnasium. They have raised over $8,000 the past two years and hope to add much more to it on Thursday. Along with the fundraiser, they will also be participating in finals with their first playoff game October 24th. So far this season the team has won all except three games and they hope to keep the streak going through playoffs and make it to nationals.

“This is the first time in my five years here that I’d say we have a golden shot at nationals” Simpson finishes with a smile. “I’m very proud of this team, they’re a great group of girls!”

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