School Teams Featured on Website

By Kevin Pannhurst

There are many undervalued resources for students here on campus.  Information is being provided, however, many students are unaware of how to obtain it.  Have you ever wanted to go to a baseball game to root for your school but had no idea when or where the games were? Fortunately for you, this school has a convenient website for all to be informed about our school spirited athletics.
To our advantage, has been created to show us all of Suffolk County Community College’s sports information. This website provides many resources such as a full list of teams; the men’s baseball team, the men’s lacrosse team, the women’s volleyball team, and the women’s softball team. There are drop down lists which brings you to each sport’s section with upcoming events that follow.

From this site you’ll be able to see a variety of things such as pictures of the team, upcoming events, and scheduling.  The schedule shows you when and where game will be held so that you can go cheer our school into victory. It also shows you the past results of other games for students to keep track of how we’re doing in the long run, or in case you had missed a game and wanted to check out the score.

Although this site has been a bit neglected due to lack of updates since 2011, this website can be very informative with just a bit of work. With this we can show a bit of school spirit at our sports team’s matches. Let’s go Suffolk!

2 responses

  1. Thanks for the update Kevin

  2. Hi i’m the international student in south korea. 2013 spring
    i want to know information about baseball team. anyone who interested in baseball can join this team? please contact me.

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