Marine Science Club guest speaker today during Common Hour

By Kevin Clarkson

The Marine Science club will be hosting a guest speaker today, October 10 during common hour in room 126 of the Smithtown Science building.

Julia Wocial of the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation will be discussing marine mammals and sea turtles that are native to Long Island at the event. The Riverhead foundation rehabilitates these animals all across Long Island. The Riverhead Foundation is a non-profit organization that conducts research as well as the release and rescues of mammals across the island.

Liberal Arts major and Marine Science club President, Mike Steinmann expresses the importance of the Riverhead Foundation coming to campus, “They’re the only foundation of their type on the island with a marine mammal and sea turtle stranding program. Also, as the internship coordinator for the Riverhead Foundation, Wocial will be spreading awareness of the internship which can count as free elective credits towards a degree for students”.

Although the club is only in its second year of existence, it is different from other clubs on campus.

“We prefer to do, rather than talk about what we would like to be doing,” said club supervisor, Professor Marianne McNamara. “The mission of the Marine Science club is to promote interest and awareness of marine science and to serve as a repository of students for local volunteer, internship, and employment opportunities in the field of marine science and biology.”

The club normally meets during coming hour on the fourth Wednesday of every month in the Kreling Hall, room M16. Often times though their meetings are replaced by lectures. The next lecture will be Professor McNamara discussing deep sea life on October 24. There will also be a seal necropsy planned at the Riverhead Foundation on Saturday, November 3. Students can get involved by joining the club email list, or by emailing Professor McNamara at



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