Dig Pink 2012!

By Kevin Pannhurst

Cancer, the word people hate to hear. It can be frightening to learn that you have cancer or one of your loved ones. It’s enough to make any person feel mortal. Sadly enough too many people each year are diagnosed with cancer, and even more people die of various types of cancer. However there are groups out there in the world who collect money to go towards scientific research to fight cancer and one day find a cure. Some of these groups are: Breast Cancer Funds, Breast Friends, and The American Cancer Society.

Suffolk’s Women’s Volleyball Team will be hosting a special match in Nassau Community College called the “2012 Dig Pink Game” This will be the third year in which  our team will be hosting a game devoted to accepting donations toward breast cancer. Instead of admission fee’s donations are taking their place. For those who are generous to donate $20 or more, they will be given a “Dig Pink” T-shirt.

What more can there be you ask? Well there will be raffles and winners will be awarded gift card and various prizes. Plus you’ll get to see our wonderful women’s volleyball team play their way to victory.

“I went to the game last year and really enjoyed it, I’ll be trying to go again this year and try to get one of the shirts.” Katelynn, an enthusiastic student said.  Breast cancer is a risk in her very own family so she herself is at risk; this just goes to show how widespread the problem is. It also shows how many people could be helped.

This year there are hopes to have an even greater outcome then the previous year. According to the Suny Suffolk Athletics website

in 2011 the team had helped raise a marvelous $2,800 dollars donated by those attending the match (Suffolk Vs Queensborough Community College.) This money was raised for the Side Out Foundation. The Side Out Foundation is a group whose goal is to bring together volleyball players and coaches to help raise awareness about breast cancer.

With the combined total Suffolk’s volleyball team had helped raise $7,930 dollars. Hopefully this time around we can raise even more and bump the total up to $10,000. Perhaps we can even bump it up to $11,000 or more? There’s always a possibility.

With this in mind you should take the time to come see Suffolk Vs Nassau CC on October 11th at 6pm and donate a couple dollars to the cause. Don’t forget to try and get the t-shirt if you’ve got the money to spare. It would be a souvenir for a lifetime knowing you helped ease the pain of others, and possibly a cure for cancer one day. Only time will tell. Until then go see a volleyball game, it will surely be entertaining as always. Even if you can’t make it to the event you can still make donations over at the athletics office. Every donation is appreciated. Hope to see you there, and lets go Suffolk’s volleyball team!

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  1. Another fine piece of writing Kevin!

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