Directing Your Path

By Malcolm Williams

With the month of October here, it would make sense that Halloween is the main event that pops in everyone’s mind. Though there may be more, something bigger and somewhat scarier. The steady creep of college application deadlines moving in closer and closer is what continually crosses student’s minds as October closes in and January gets even closer.

Thinking about the future can be stressful, but there is always a place that can help. The Ammerman campus provides a number of resources to meet student needs whether they be searching for a job, seeking out guidance in the school transfer process, or just looking for overall help in planning ahead for the future.

Some students may ask a question,” Well, when do I start planning?” The truth to the matter is it is better to plan now, rather than having to wait until later. Why? Most colleges, or jobs require a certain set of skills for you to have in order for them to even consider accepting you. If you are to wait until later, then by the time you want to implement your plan for the future it may already be too late, because the necessary preparations weren’t made in the past to make your plan almost flawless in the future. Where should, or who should students go to seek out information for their needs? One of the best places to go to inquire about the school’s resources is the Babylon student center.

This center offers a wide variety of aids to students, such as: College fairs, student counsel offices, and group workshops. College fairs are a great way to receive in sight from other colleges on what you may need to do to prepare yourself for the new experience. New experience, meaning attending a new school and in the vast world we live in there are always better opportunities available, and more room for improvement. Through the month of October, the Ammerman campus will be visited by a number of colleges, including: College of Mount Saint Vincent, Dowling College, College of Saint Rose, Adelphi and Long Island University.

Student counsel offices are also very informative and easy to find, located on the second floor of the Babylon Student Center. Whatever questions you may have about the school, they have the answers. They can provide information on scholarships, and job opportunities. Scholarships are very useful, and the Ammerman Campus offers many of them.The criteria for these scholarships can be found on the Suffolk County Community College website upon typing in scholarships in the search bar. These scholarships can be offered to students as a grant, or payment made to support a student’s education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievements.

Like every college, people are going to have their likes and dislikes.Students thoughts on school resources are posted on the
Here’s one post by a graduate by the name of Matthew Helfgott,

“There is a very wide variety of courses that are offered by Suffolk in many different areas of study. I was able to pick classes that were very interesting to me as well as covering all of my general education requirements that are fully transferable to any other SUNY school. All of the professors I had were enjoyable, I can’t recall having a professor I hated but I do remember several that I loved. Class sizes vary but mostly I’d say they were 20-30 students or so. Some classes were much smaller and more intimate and I think I only took one or two very large classes. The work load wasn’t huge it felt like a comfortable progression coming straight out of high school”.

The most important thing this student exclaimed is the importance of making sure the credits of the classes you are taking are fully transferrable.

The month of October is greatly known for the celebration of Halloween, but for others it is that time of the year where looking for colleges and sending out applications is of the utmost necessity. Though these times can be stressful, SCCC provides enough resources to make this experience not only bearable, but even a little bit enjoyable, and easier to achieve.

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