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Directing Your Path

By Malcolm Williams

With the month of October here, it would make sense that Halloween is the main event that pops in everyone’s mind. Though there may be more, something bigger and somewhat scarier. The steady creep of college application deadlines moving in closer and closer is what continually crosses student’s minds as October closes in and January gets even closer.

Thinking about the future can be stressful, but there is always a place that can help. The Ammerman campus provides a number of resources to meet student needs whether they be searching for a job, seeking out guidance in the school transfer process, or just looking for overall help in planning ahead for the future.

Some students may ask a question,” Well, when do I start planning?” The truth to the matter is it is better to plan now, rather than having to wait until later. Why? Most colleges, or jobs require a certain set of skills for you to have in order for them to even consider accepting you. If you are to wait until later, then by the time you want to implement your plan for the future it may already be too late, because the necessary preparations weren’t made in the past to make your plan almost flawless in the future. Where should, or who should students go to seek out information for their needs? One of the best places to go to inquire about the school’s resources is the Babylon student center.

This center offers a wide variety of aids to students, such as: College fairs, student counsel offices, and group workshops. College fairs are a great way to receive in sight from other colleges on what you may need to do to prepare yourself for the new experience. New experience, meaning attending a new school and in the vast world we live in there are always better opportunities available, and more room for improvement. Through the month of October, the Ammerman campus will be visited by a number of colleges, including: College of Mount Saint Vincent, Dowling College, College of Saint Rose, Adelphi and Long Island University.

Student counsel offices are also very informative and easy to find, located on the second floor of the Babylon Student Center. Whatever questions you may have about the school, they have the answers. They can provide information on scholarships, and job opportunities. Scholarships are very useful, and the Ammerman Campus offers many of them.The criteria for these scholarships can be found on the Suffolk County Community College website upon typing in scholarships in the search bar. These scholarships can be offered to students as a grant, or payment made to support a student’s education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievements.

Like every college, people are going to have their likes and dislikes.Students thoughts on school resources are posted on the campusexplorer.com.
Here’s one post by a graduate by the name of Matthew Helfgott,

“There is a very wide variety of courses that are offered by Suffolk in many different areas of study. I was able to pick classes that were very interesting to me as well as covering all of my general education requirements that are fully transferable to any other SUNY school. All of the professors I had were enjoyable, I can’t recall having a professor I hated but I do remember several that I loved. Class sizes vary but mostly I’d say they were 20-30 students or so. Some classes were much smaller and more intimate and I think I only took one or two very large classes. The work load wasn’t huge it felt like a comfortable progression coming straight out of high school”.

The most important thing this student exclaimed is the importance of making sure the credits of the classes you are taking are fully transferrable.

The month of October is greatly known for the celebration of Halloween, but for others it is that time of the year where looking for colleges and sending out applications is of the utmost necessity. Though these times can be stressful, SCCC provides enough resources to make this experience not only bearable, but even a little bit enjoyable, and easier to achieve.

Fantasy Football Dominates on Campus!

By Kevin ClarksonIMG952925

Football can be described as America’s past time. Fans that cannot get enough of the game on Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays, now rely on fantasy football to hold them over throughout the week.

Fantasy Football surprisingly is one of the fastest growing sports in America. Fans of the game can join with others to pick, start, and trade their favorite, and least favorite NFL players. Spectators can now be more directly involved in the game, because now they are not only watching their favorite teams, but players of opposing teams.

“It makes me want even teams I hate to do good, or the players on those teams to do even better if I have them on my Fantasy team” said Jonathan Laskowski, a Business Administration major. “I am a big Indianapolis Colts fan, and although I love my team, last week when the played the Green Bay Packers and I had Aaron Rodgers I wanted him to do well so I could win my matchup!”

Fans at the beginning of the season host a draft either on an online website, via webcam with friends and family, or even sometimes at a co-workers house. They select players based off of how they think they will fair over the upcoming season and their general statistic output. Week by week, fans are matched up against other fans in their league and they battle head to head. They start some offensive players, a kicker, a defensive and special teams and sometimes even draft head coaches. Each of these players earns certain point values based off of their plays. For example in most leagues if a receiver catches a ball for 10 yards they will earn one point. Whichever fan ends up with the most points at the end of the NFL week wins that matchup. Why has fantasy football become so important in recent years? Most fans just love the competitiveness.

“The competitive aspect and the fact that you pick your own team to win against your friends or family and co-workers just makes it so much more fun,” said Jordan Clark, an Education Major. “I want my players to do well; I tend to root for the players rather than the team.”

In a recent survey taken of 250 Suffolk students, almost 40 percent of people play some form of fantasy football. Fantasy football is usually for fun, but others take a little more risk and put money in a pot usually at the beginning of the season. Of the people in the league, exactly 78 percent of the people are males. The females represent though! Almost exactly half of the women survey have their eye on the prize and gamble for fantasy football and lay out some kind of money before or during the season. Although this gambling is fun, technically it can be considered illegal. Exactly 63 percent of the people, who play for money, are under the age of 21.

Some fans really go all out by having multiple teams, but slightly over half of the students only currently play in one league. Some of the online services that offer fantasy football are ESPN.com, NFL.com, Yahoo.com, CBS.com, and Fox.com. The most popular by far was ESPN with 55 percent of fantasy team owners. On ESPN, there are many different tools that help newcomers to fantasy football. Before the season starts, they come out with a list of the 500 best players in the league, and rank them with projected stats each week. If you are an ESPN insider subscriber, you can also have one on one chats with ESPN annalists where they give you tips and ideas for trades and free agent pickups. Also they will even make suggestions on you should start each and every week.

“It makes watching football so much more interesting. I feel like I’m almost involved directly with the team. I watch the games as much as I can,” Raymond Brenkert, Biology Major. “I check my team about seven times a week, if not more. I am constantly looking at my team all day long on game days because I want to see how I am doing against my opponent.”

One of the biggest numbers the survey portrayed was how students felt about how fantasy football improved watching the NFL games. An astounding 93 percent of students felt fantasy football made football more fun to watch. This year, the NFL implemented more games on Thursday nights, so how are the league owners affected? They just need to be that much more involved with their team, and must check their roster more often. Students surveyed said they check anywhere from one to ten times per week depending on how involved they are. Exactly 34 percent of students said they adjust it anywhere from six to nine times per week. Fantasy football is just one of those sports that is growing in America, and with advancements in technology, and stakes getting higher and higher each year, it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon.

Marine Science Club guest speaker today during Common Hour

By Kevin Clarkson

The Marine Science club will be hosting a guest speaker today, October 10 during common hour in room 126 of the Smithtown Science building.

Julia Wocial of the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation will be discussing marine mammals and sea turtles that are native to Long Island at the event. The Riverhead foundation rehabilitates these animals all across Long Island. The Riverhead Foundation is a non-profit organization that conducts research as well as the release and rescues of mammals across the island.

Liberal Arts major and Marine Science club President, Mike Steinmann expresses the importance of the Riverhead Foundation coming to campus, “They’re the only foundation of their type on the island with a marine mammal and sea turtle stranding program. Also, as the internship coordinator for the Riverhead Foundation, Wocial will be spreading awareness of the internship which can count as free elective credits towards a degree for students”.

Although the club is only in its second year of existence, it is different from other clubs on campus.

“We prefer to do, rather than talk about what we would like to be doing,” said club supervisor, Professor Marianne McNamara. “The mission of the Marine Science club is to promote interest and awareness of marine science and to serve as a repository of students for local volunteer, internship, and employment opportunities in the field of marine science and biology.”

The club normally meets during coming hour on the fourth Wednesday of every month in the Kreling Hall, room M16. Often times though their meetings are replaced by lectures. The next lecture will be Professor McNamara discussing deep sea life on October 24. There will also be a seal necropsy planned at the Riverhead Foundation on Saturday, November 3. Students can get involved by joining the club email list, or by emailing Professor McNamara at mcnamam@sunysuffolk.edu.



College Makes its Stride against Breast Cancer


On October 21st 2012 our college will be represented at the annual 2012 Making Strides against Breast Cancer at Jones Beach State Park.  Students can register for the event at the Honors Cottage of the Grant Campus in Brentwood.

The event will consist of a noncompetitive 5 mile walk at the park in order to raise awareness and dollars to fight breast cancer. Pledges are dedicated to life-saving American Cancer Society research, education, patient support, and advocacy programs to defeat the disease that has affected millions worldwide.  Last year the fundraiser was its largest ever and had the most participants in the country, raising a total of $2.9 million.

All college students are encouraged to represent their school and participate in the walk to help save lives.  For more information on registering and the event, contact the Honors Cottage at 631-851-6833.

Dig Pink 2012!

By Kevin Pannhurst

Cancer, the word people hate to hear. It can be frightening to learn that you have cancer or one of your loved ones. It’s enough to make any person feel mortal. Sadly enough too many people each year are diagnosed with cancer, and even more people die of various types of cancer. However there are groups out there in the world who collect money to go towards scientific research to fight cancer and one day find a cure. Some of these groups are: Breast Cancer Funds, Breast Friends, and The American Cancer Society.

Suffolk’s Women’s Volleyball Team will be hosting a special match in Nassau Community College called the “2012 Dig Pink Game” This will be the third year in which  our team will be hosting a game devoted to accepting donations toward breast cancer. Instead of admission fee’s donations are taking their place. For those who are generous to donate $20 or more, they will be given a “Dig Pink” T-shirt.

What more can there be you ask? Well there will be raffles and winners will be awarded gift card and various prizes. Plus you’ll get to see our wonderful women’s volleyball team play their way to victory.

“I went to the game last year and really enjoyed it, I’ll be trying to go again this year and try to get one of the shirts.” Katelynn, an enthusiastic student said.  Breast cancer is a risk in her very own family so she herself is at risk; this just goes to show how widespread the problem is. It also shows how many people could be helped.

This year there are hopes to have an even greater outcome then the previous year. According to the Suny Suffolk Athletics website

in 2011 the team had helped raise a marvelous $2,800 dollars donated by those attending the match (Suffolk Vs Queensborough Community College.) This money was raised for the Side Out Foundation. The Side Out Foundation is a group whose goal is to bring together volleyball players and coaches to help raise awareness about breast cancer.

With the combined total Suffolk’s volleyball team had helped raise $7,930 dollars. Hopefully this time around we can raise even more and bump the total up to $10,000. Perhaps we can even bump it up to $11,000 or more? There’s always a possibility.

With this in mind you should take the time to come see Suffolk Vs Nassau CC on October 11th at 6pm and donate a couple dollars to the cause. Don’t forget to try and get the t-shirt if you’ve got the money to spare. It would be a souvenir for a lifetime knowing you helped ease the pain of others, and possibly a cure for cancer one day. Only time will tell. Until then go see a volleyball game, it will surely be entertaining as always. Even if you can’t make it to the event you can still make donations over at the athletics office. Every donation is appreciated. Hope to see you there, and lets go Suffolk’s volleyball team!