Graffiti as Far as the Eye Can See. (re-uploaded)

By Kevin Pannhurst

Here on the Ammerman campus after spending a while walking around one thing sticks out in some areas; graffiti. It’s not everywhere, but each year brings a new line of ‘taggers’ who look at blank surfaces with vandalism in mind.

On campus you won’t see murals that take precious time to make, instead you’ll simply see a made up word, or the name the tagger goes by. Each year there are new tags showing up. Two semesters ago in fall of 2011 there was the tagger who seemed more like a cult following. “Alpha Charter” were the words that could be seen in the more quiet areas of inside buildings such as stairways. This particular tag had snakes on each side of it, and it was everywhere.

In the Spring semester of 2012 another tagger had made his presence known: “Dank”.  Everywhere you looked this person had left his mark multiple times. “Who’s this ‘Dank’ guy? I’ve been seeing him everywhere” is what some students said that semester. This brought rise to some copycat taggers who had decided to make a running joke and copied his tag. Variations of it could be found everywhere such as the tags Tank and Rank.

“If you take a look in the bathrooms in all of the buildings you’ll find a lot of stuff all over the stalls…”
The first place you’ll find graffiti is all over the bathroom stalls. This is probably the safest area for a tagger to place his mark. There’s no one in there who would say anything about it, and it’s private enough to spend some time making a piece.

On various things throughout the school you can find an eye within a triangle with wavy lines coming off of it. This tagger instead of tagging with a word decided to draw a picture on anything he or she felt worthy of this eye.

In the stairways on either side of the riverhead building there are various Tags all over, including some pictures some people quickly made. This spot is pretty popular among taggers because not many people use this stairway, so the chances of being caught are slim.

There’s not much that can be done about graffiti, the bathrooms are pretty much private so you can’t exactly place cameras in there to ward of vandals. Camera’s can however be placed in the stairwells to capture Taggers in the act. This would help cut down on the graffiti, but then Taggers would simply wear something like a bandana over their face to hide their anonymity.

One student had made an interesting comment on how to help cut down on the graffiti : “ I think the school should re-do bathroom stalls to have the texture of dry-erase boards so that students can simply write on those and it’s an easy clean up. It would be like a little message board for people who want to write all over the walls.”

Though there is graffiti outside of school such as on buildings, fences, walls, sidewalks; It’s still an eyesore to see it on our campus. Tags get cleaned up once in a while or painted over. But imagine what a freshmen, or someone from another school thinks when they come here and see graffiti on our walls, in our bathrooms, in our buildings.

3 responses

  1. So is “Dank” the next Banksy or Shepard Fairey?

  2. graffiti is not an eyesore, its a public art statement made by someone with purpose, the real vandals are the marketing firms advertising to you on every public space available

  3. Lol you really don’t understand graffiti. Murals aren’t just made they are developed…. From tags and people like dank and all those other writers aren’t any different from those guys doing murals. Because at one point those people doing murals were doing bad tags somewhere at one point.

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